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Elo Hell Esports Announces Project Inferno and Creation of New Overwatch Team: Elo Hell Dante

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It was announced today that Elo Hell Esports would be beginning Project Inferno and creating a new team called Elo Hell Dante.

According to the press release, Project Inferno is “a new venture that aims to give players, professionals, and fans a new look into the semipro Overwatch scene. This project will give aspiring pros the same kind of resources, publicity, and professionalism they’ll get at higher levels of play, fostering development while taking fans along for the ride.”

Strong Leadership

Ridouan ”ioStux” Bouzrou and Jennifer ”LemonKiwi” Pichette, two prominent figures in the OW community, will be taking lead on this project as Coaching Director and Content Manager, respectively. Each has had a major influence on the semipro scene, which made them easy choices to lead the project.

Following the ‘Dogmen Project’ I knew I wanted to build off of the proven success of the model and I’m really excited to have ioStux and LemonKiwi here to execute the vision. For Project Inferno to be similarly successful, we want to help propel our aspiring pros into the professional Overwatch scene.” –  Justin “Jayne” Conroy

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Project Inferno’s first team, Elo Hell Dante, will be launching in the NA region in Q4 2019. This team will have tryouts, which can be accessed here.

Overall, this looks to be a project that serves to elevate the semipro OW scene and provide more of a look into it. Doing so can hopefully begin to better tell these players stories and help fans to understand what the path to pro really looks like.

The Game Haus will continue to provide updates on Project Inferno and Elo Hell Esports as more information comes available.


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