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Overwatch League Season Two Dominant Duos: Support (Part 1)


When you break a composition down to its core, your tanks, DPS, and support Heroes all fill key roles in any successful configuration. Not all successful compositions retain the routine 2-2-2 mentality, however. This mentality requires a duo of players at each position working together with filling their selected Hero’s role.

Compositions featuring tweaks to this strategy have stopped following the initial 2-2-2 pattern. Instead, compositions featuring three supports and three tanks have come into the fold. A perfect example would be the aptly named GOATS comp. This composition moves as one, isolating a single target or map area and overwhelming any resistance. A composition with little damage potential becomes an unstoppable wrecking ball of continuous healing, typically from Moira, Lucio, and Brigitte. This healing pairs with the area control and damage of Reinhardt, D’Va, and Zarya to produce a truly threatening opponent.

Support Breakdown

Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Supports remain consistent. In competitive Overwatch, the survivability of a team is dependent on its support players. Sure, the protection of a tank and effectiveness of a DPS enhance a team’s potency overall, but without their supports, an offensive push will stall, a defensive hold will break, and a chance at a championship will vanish.

Throughout the first season of the Overwatch League, one support hero reigned supreme: Mercy. Often found accompanied by a Zenyatta, the pick combination showed major success for many Overwatch teams. Many players, like season one MVP and New York Excelsior Support Sung-hyeon JJoNak Bang regularly displayed their talent at the position. JJoNak particularity thrived in season one with his top tier Zenyatta play.

Brigitte’s introduction late in season one showed that some teams were willing to experiment with the new available Hero, while others continued to find success with the established preferences. Now, through Blizzard’s tweaks and balances, all support Heroes seemingly provide their own benefit and purpose. With the meta shifting out of control following London’s victory at the Grand Finals, much of the off-season has been dedicated to determining who can thrive in the new meta for season two, and who will not.

Breakout: Ryujehong & Tobi (Dynasty)

If Chan-hyung Fissure Baek can make a contender out of the Gladiators, his chances with the Seoul Dynasty seem to be just as strong, if not better. The impressive main tank’s gameplay is a step above a majority of the league’s tanks. His dominating presence creates space for the entire team, allowing better utilization of Hero abilities to sway the fight’s favor.

Image courtesy of Dailymail

Prior to Overwatch League, Je-hong ryujehong Ryu built a name for himself as one of the best support players in the competitive scene while with Lunatic-Hai. His large hero pool and exceptional use of Ana’s abilities helped cement his path to the Overwatch League. Part of season one’s high expectations for Seoul relied on ryujehong’s success. Unfortunately for the team, meta requirements worked against his Ana play, requiring much more utilization of of heroes, Mercy, Moira, Zenyatta and Lucio. Primarily filling the Moira/Zenyatta role, His partner Jin-mo tobi Yang took on the responsibility of managing the Mercy/Lucio role.

Jin-hyuk “Miro” Gong’s lack of consistency at main tank prevented much of Seoul’s success for a majority of the season. Nearing the season’s end, ryujehong was commonly flexed to the main tank role in an effort to fill the void missing at the position. His absence in the support role caused the team to lose synergy. Their lack of teamwork was apparent, but it was clear there was plenty of talent available for the struggling team.

It may not happen overnight, but the Seoul Dynasty now have the last piece to the puzzle. The already talented core seem ready to stake their claim on as season two contenders. With the savvy additions of main tank understudy Min-seo “Marve1” Hwang and flex support prospect Seung-soo “Jecse” Lee, Seoul has a bright future for the veteran squad.

Sleeper: BigGoose & Shaz (Gladiators)

Even with their obvious success in season one, some Los Angeles Gladiator fans may be heading into season two with a lack of optimism. Following the departure of their star main tank Fissure, LA has an obvious hole to be addressed by returning off tank Hyung-seok Bischu “Aaron” Kim, and newly acquired main tank, Chang-hoon rOar Gye. rOar is coming off an impressive campaign with KongDoo Panthera in season two of Overwatch Contenders. His addition should be enough to fill Fissure’s role for the Gladiators.

Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The now potentially solid tank line provides an established front line of protection for their supports, Benjamin BigGoose Isohanni and Jonas Shaz Suovaara. The duo was very successful in season one, each ranking third among their preferred heroes, Lucio and Zenyatta respectively. Both Shaz and BigGoose are each starting for their home country of Finland at Blizzcon early next month. Recently, their quarterfinal matches showed BigGoose and Shaz having an established set of Heroes each took priority with. BigGoose primarily ran Lucio and Mercy for nearly every match, while Shaz followed up with Moira and Zenyatta. With a good showing in the quarterfinals, the duo looks sharp and may very well contend for a spot in the finals.

With the meta wide open, Veterans BigGoose and Shaz should be welcomed back to OWL with high expectations. Their success greatly revolves around the success of the team as a whole. A solid tank line should be enough to keep the duo rolling into season two.

Bust: HaGoPeun & Kris (Mayhem)

Image Courtesy of Florida Mayhem

The lack of league experience seems to be the obvious missing ingredient here for the Mayhem Supports. Recently acquired Hyeon-woo HaGoPeun Jo has seen only brief experience in the Overwatch League. After a short stint with the London Spitfire, HaGoPeun was released and joined Mayhem Academy for season two of Overwatch Contenders. His experience with Mayhem Academy clearly was enough to convince Florida management he had returned to league ready status. He was recently promoted to the Mayhem’s season two starting roster this past September.

With Zenyatta’s usage slowing taking a back seat to the rest of the available support heroes, players like HaGoPeun may find traversing the season two meta shifts difficult. As the team’s flex support, his role depends on his reliability on multiple heroes.

Jun-soo “Kris” Choi’s Overwatch debut will be this February as Florida’s second starting support. Previously of Meta Athena, Kris’s experience as a main support has a good chance to build off of season one’s poor support performance. His keen talent with Lucio will be a welcome addition to the squad’s overall diversity at the position. However, seeing is believing. Until synergy is completely shown throughout the new squad, many will have their doubts about Florida’s immediate success.


Featured photo from HeroesNeverDie.

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