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Overwatch League Season Two Dominant Duos: Support (Part 2)


In a recent stream by popular Overwatch Coach and Streamer Jayne, he detailed the current state of the established pro meta. Jayne explains that certain regions may have a specific focus in composition, but the current Circle of Counters establishes the meta for pro players. The Circle shows the popular Goats comp countered by a dive strategy with Sombra and Doomfist, which is then countered by Brigette and McCree then connecting the circle with a counter from Goats. The current level of hard counters existing in the game has turned the game into a coin flip, with some results coming from just a simple mistake or mis-queue.

Many pro players are growing frustrated with the established hard counters to certain heroes. Often times games are lost when a hero is countered. A player’s skill seems to rarely play enough of a solo role to win a fight against the established game state. Unless you counter their composition, or are superior in the selected composition, a fight could be lost very easily.

“It makes you feel powerless,” said Seagull in his video discussing the current state of Overwatch. The pro scene revolves around these direct counter strategies. With a fine line separating victory and defeat, roles must be preformed with preparation to directly counter any opposition. Skill based counters don’t have the same role anymore. Previous skill based counters offered an opportunity for both sides to win an engagement. Usage of a kit, ranged superiority, movement effectiveness; these all play a role in deciding the outcome of combat. Within the circle of counters, skill based counters are not as forgiving as they once were.

The support scene has established a desire for flexibility throughout rosters to fulfill these particular roles. A team with the most flexibility at multiple positions will enter a match-up with better odds than the team lacking in that category. Certain Support selections are the backbone of many of these counter compositions. Proper utilization is key to maintaining a dominating presence throughout the match.

Breakout: uNKOE & HarryHook (Fuel)

The Dallas Fuel lead an impressive stage four comeback run to claim a stage four playoff birth before the conclusion of the regular season. The Dallas squad stunned critics as they defeated the London Spitfire, Philadelphia Fusion and Los Angeles Valiant on their way to playoff contention. Once there, they managed to bring the infamous New York Excelsior to game five. Although a defeat for the Fuel, their impressive late stage run showed that there was plenty of talent available to the Texas troop.

(Image Courtesy of The Guardian)

Benjamin uNKOE Chevasson’s impressive play throughout the world cup helped propel an imposing squad to the quarterfinals at BlizzCon. Team France featured some top tier talent at this year’s World Cup. Philadelphia Fusion’s flex tank Gael Poko Gouzerch and fellow Dallas Fuel DPS Dylan aKm Bignet each provided elite game-play at their respective positions. The only thing standing between Team France, uNKOE and a semifinal appearance was the dangerous Team Canada. An impressive matchup highlighted uNKOE’s focused usage of Zenyatta and Moira. His partner, Michaël “winz” Bignet would often provide Lucio support.

The French utilization of Goats was known to be polished and impressive. This was a perfect instance of a Sombra and Doom composition countering the popular Goats comp. The French composition did hold strong, but it also proved to have enough exploitable factors to offer enough vulnerability to the talented Canadian roster.

uNKOE offers an impressive pedigree to the Dallas roster. After competing for the Los Angeles Valiant’s starting flex support position, he was thrust into a prominent role on a struggling roster. The flexibility both uNKOE and Jonathan HarryHook Tejedor provide for Dallas will surely offer a moderate advantage if the meta is to continue at the current rate. The recent acquisition of  Won-sik Closer Jung offers even more versatility, from a player caught in very similar shoes as uNKOE. The trio should outperform their competition in Season Two if all goes according to plan.

Sleeper: Kruise & HyP (Eternal)

With the French roster now solidified, the Paris Eternal will look towards Harrison “Kruise” Pond and Damien “HyP” Souville in the support department for the western squad. Team United Kingdom’s utilization of Goats was magnificent throughout both their quarterfinal series with the United States and their semifinal bout with South Korea. Kruise’s preferred utilization of Lucio gelled well with the triple support, triple tank strategy United Kingdom employed so well.

(Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment)

HyP will potentially be slated to work as Kruise’s flex support for the Eternal’s February Debut. Previously of Eagle Gaming, the western Contenders squad managed to reign supreme at Season Two of Contenders Europe, defeating Angry Titans in Grand Finals.

United Kingdom’s impressive display at the World Cup demonstrated the impact well rounded compositions offer. My anticipation is for this Paris team to win, they will have to function as a well oiled machine. The moment this roster attempts to mirror an opponents composition, they will be outmatched by superior talent throughout the league. Their ability to control a game through counter advantage played an enormous role in the United Kingdom’s dominant effort at BlizzCon. It must be a priority focus for this roster to find success in the Overwatch League.

Some rosters may focus their strategy around a star player to take advantage of their game changing ability. The Paris squad will be different. Unlike Philadelphia Fusion’s approach to feature their incredible DPS duo Jae-hyeok Carpe Lee and Josh Eqo Corona, Paris will have to highlight their entire roster’s synergy. This could prove to be too much for the roster, but a well rounded, balanced, and focused attack from a team of six in the current meta has the ability to upset even the mightiest of teams.


Courtesy of Heroes Never Die

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