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Danteh to be traded to Houston Outlaws?


With Sinatraa’s eligibility to play starting in the final week of stage two, Danteh seems the odd-man out. His play has been fantastic on Tracer, and there is a team that has been severely lacking Tracer. The Outlaws would get their major flaw patched while the Shock shore up their tank line. It seems to be a perfect match, but we will have to see what the Outlaws are willing to give up to get a Tracer.

Why They Need to Move Danteh

Source Robert Paul

You may wonder why the Shock would even consider moving someone as talented as Danteh. Sinatraa is the main answer, as the man is being paid for his high-level of talent. There is no way that Sinatraa does not start with his eligibility starting on March 22nd. With his talented Tracer play, the odd man out seems likely to be Danteh over Babybay. With this in mind, the Shock have a roster full of DPS players. Recently signed Architect seems like the precursor to moving Danteh, and the roster still has iddqd waiting to play and eligible soon player Super. With so many DPS players waiting for their chance to play behind Sinatraa, and Danteh’s proven record, teams will call and the Shock will listen.

Danteh For FCTFCTN

Source Overwatch and Blizzard Entertainment

FCTFCTN was recently signed by the Outlaws, but his focus on tank could see him just as quickly moved. The Shock aren’t starving for a tank player, but they don’t have many waiting. In fact, the only player listed as a tank main is Nomy. Nevix, listed as DPS/flex, has played the role of the second tank throughout the season. Having a strong tank main ready to jump in at any time would be a strong addition to have.

This, coupled with the strong play that FCTFCTN has shown in his play, especially during the Overwatch World Cup with Team USA, could be just the kind of player the Shock would be willing to swap for someone as skilled as Danteh. In fact, FCTFCTN and Adam are the only two starting line-up members of Team USA yet to make their OWL debuts. FCTFCTN has sat on the sidelines. Adam is playing for the NYXL’s academy team. They’re both capable players, and FCTFCTN is just waiting to prove he belongs on a team. Given the chance to shine, FCTFCTN could bolster the Shock’s area of weakness.

Danteh for Spree

A tank that falls under the tank position, but has looked great during playtime in the OWL, is Spree. Spree may be harder to pry away from the Outlaws due to his strong Zarya play when they roll triple-tank, but they could have FCTFCTN pick up that roll if Spree is gone. The Outlaws would prefer not to give up someone that has meshed well with the team, but strong tank play is definitely on the Shock’s radar, just like any available Tracer is on the Outlaw’s. Picking up a tank that can flex should any of your other roles falter can be helpful, and Spree is a proven off-tank with both Zarya and While Spree rarely plays, his play is noticed. With the Outlaw’s failing to meet expectations throughout Stage two, they need to give up anything to secure a proven Tracer player. With one of the strongest starting tank lines in OWL, with Muma and CoolMatt, other tanks become expendable.

Continue reading below for a dark horse take on another team that could swing for Danteh.

Dark Horse Candidate: Philadelphia Fusion

Courtesy of Liquipedia

Hear me out here, the Philadelphia Fusion could swing a deal for Danteh. The Fusion technically have 12 players signed, but SADO has been suspended for quite some time. He’s a tank player, so the Fusion could afford to give up an extra tank with the knowledge that after his ban SADO can fill the position. The Fusion also have a great wealth of support players. With dhaK’s recent struggles the Shock signed and have been playing Moth in the support role. Shoring up the support role could be something they look to do with their loads of DPS. The Fusion also have a wealth of DPS, with Carpe being a constant and EQO and ShaDowBurn swapping in and out to fill the other slot. If Carpe goes down, their Tracer play will struggle. If they want to run Widowmaker and Tracer, they could deploy a strong duo in Carpe and Danteh. It’s not a position that the Fusion need to fill, but they could get even stronger if they went for it.

The Shock are sure to be listening to any team that has a want for a Tracer or strong DPS player. The expectation is that come Stage three, Danteh is on a new team. What team that is, we’ll have to wait to find out.

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