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ZachaRee Announces Retirement from Professional Overwatch


The Dallas Fuel announced that they have mutually parted ways with Zach “ZachaReee” Lombardo. shortly after 3 pm Wednesday. The official announcement comes after Lombardo posted and then deleted a Twitlonger on Tuesday outlining where he will go from here in his esports endeavors. In his official statement, ZachaReee said that he wishes to pursue Valorant, as it aligns more with games he played prior to Overwatch, including Call of Duty and Counter Strike. “I have really been loving the flow of Valorant and the mix of CS mechanics and OW abilities that it has. I’ll be grinding the game and looking to stream more now that I have more time.”

Lombardo initially rose to T1 Overwatch as part of Fusion University, where he displayed his remarkable abilities as a hitscan DPS. His signature characters during this time included Tracer and Sombra. During the 2019 season, he spent most of his time flexing onto Brigitte during the infamous GOATS meta.

Lombardo said that time spent with fans was one of the most memorable parts of professional Overwatch. “After every game I always looked forward to taking pictures, signing and talking to everyone. There were many times where I was feeling down, but the support I received always made me feel better and kept me moving forward.”

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