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Taimou Returns to Team Envy

Timo “Taimou” Kettunen has announced his return to Team Envy. The former Dallas Fuel player spent two and a half years with the Overwatch League before announcing on Twitter today that he would be returning to Envy to play in Overwatch Contenders. Taimou was one of the only Dallas Fuel players to have been with the team since season zero. He is considered to be a formidable hitscan player, specializing in heroes like Widowmaker and McCree.

Taimou has previous experience on Envy, formerly known as Team EnVyUs, spending a year on the team before being signed to Dallas Fuel. Taimou values being able to play competitive Overwatch, stating in his post, “I could have stayed benched whole year and get higher salary but instead I wanted to pursue happiness that is professional play again.”

Taimou joins Anthony “Fire” King and William “Crimzo” Hernandez as active members of Envy’s roster for the 2020 Contenders season.

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