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Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Washington Justice

Dallas Fuel stage 3
The Fuel looked like the better team just based off of the season record. Washington’s team play was almost nonexistent, and was punished by the Fuel all match long. This match made it apparent that the Justice are way behind everyone else in terms of trusting one another. The Fuel rolled over Washington for a 3-0 with one draw.

Oasis: Dallas Fuel win 2-0

Dallas Fuel stage 3

The OG GOATS Composition and it’s Namesake
Image Courtesy of Reddit user u/WolfofVilliany

No shenanigans from either team on the first map. After looking at each other menacingly on point for a minute or so, the Fuel dished out more poke and whittled down the Justice for a first capture. An aggressive hold up at Washington’s choke paid off. The map was domination from Dallas through and through.
After capturing the point by simply muscling the Justice off, it was held fight after fight despite Dallas losing multiple players. The coordination and collective tanking from the Boys in Blue looked amazing compared to their previous match. Graviton Surges were eaten by D.Va’s on both sides, and Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson floated into the pit during the last fight. However it was still fine for the Fuel, after a 99-99 capture, Dallas struck back by going all in on Washington’s Reinhardt for the map win.

Volskaya Industries: Dallas Fuel draw 4-4Dallas Fuel stage 3

Starting off on the attack, after moseying up to the high ground the Justice more or less fell over. It was one fight that ended in a flash. Point B was not quite as easy for the Fuel, a few ultimates were thrown away, possibly a miscommunication. However the S button was held hard for the Justice and they sort of walked off the point. Dallas finished the map with three minutes left.
A triple DPS composition came out from Justice on their attack, this was not optimal since Minseok “OGE” Son was on Reinhardt and couldn’t do much. Switches were forced and Dallas had no cards to play whereas Justice had everything going for them.
Dallas’ next attack was almost as clinical as their first, this time lasting long enough to use ultimates. Unfortunately for Dallas, point B was difficult again, they did finish but in overtime.
The Fuel learned their lesson for defense, playing Winston and Ana to stop the DPS compositions. The clinical Primal Rages from OGE were refreshing to see, rotating Nanoboost and Primal Rage was the play. After holding for two or so minutes on A, Washington got their ultimates and pushed to B. This spelled disaster for Dallas as OGE died early and gave up the point to Washington. The draw came out on Volskaya since Dallas’ win condition came faster with Ana and Winston. Dylan “aKm” Bignet  got his Graviton eaten in the last fight but it did not matter for the Fuel, now they only needed one more map.

Eichenwalde: Dallas Fuel win 3-2

Dallas Fuel stage 3
2019-04-13 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
Starting off on attack again, it ended the same way as before on Volskaya, disjointed for Washington and punished by Dallas. The Fuel took notes from the Titans, by doubling down on fights where they are down, but it didn’t pay off the same way. Despite the wasted ultimates, OGE won his team point B with a huge Earth Shatter. By simply applying pressure to one player on the Justice, Dallas won fights in the neutral. The Fuel finished the map with two minutes left.
Dallas’ Zarya was a standout player on their defense, however aKm was not enough to hold on to A. The fight in streets was scrappy, both sides made good plays and traded kills. However this favored the Justice as Fuel was forced to back up, this eventually lost them B. Dallas was able to hold at the first choke on point C, notoriously difficult for attacking teams to push through without momentum. After aKm got his Graviton eaten, the last fight looked like a loss for Dallas. Then, a triple kill from Lucas “Note” Meissner came out of nowhere to shut down the Justice’s hopes and dreams of finishing Eichenwalde. Off of that Dallas took the map and the series.

Havana: Dallas Fuel win 3-0

Just more clinical work from the Fuel, a two fights on A won by focus fire on one or two of the Justice players lead to an easy capture. Look away for a second and B was done, the snowball was in full effect for Dallas. By the numbers, cool down and ultimate rotation lead the Boys in Blue to a three minute time bank, the Justice were essentially ultimate charge during their defense.
Now with Dallas on defense, the full hold was definitely possible. The defensive bombs to stop followup on Graviton Surges really payed off for Dallas as the Justice looked clueless as to what to do afterwards. Washington was full held on point A from better team play and knowledge of what to do.


Dallas Fuel stage three
2019-04-13 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

While Dallas is a mid tier team, the Justice are far below them. Overall coordination, cool down usage and knowledge of situations led to a rather easy win for the Fuel. At certain points the Justice were just obstacles in Dallas’ way as they got rolled over. The power of W payed off for the Boys in Blue this time.

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