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Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Vancouver Titans

Dallas Fuel stage finals

Dallas Fuel (6-4) vs Vancouver Titans (11-0)

As they moved through Stage 2, this was a mountain that Dallas had to climb. Vancouver had been undefeated all season and they remained that way after the Dallas match. This was half expected since GOATS is still the best thing to run and Vancouver has been playing together for years.

Lijiang Tower: Dallas Fuel lose 2-0

Dallas Fuel vs Vancouver Titans

Winston, Ana GOATS came out for the more open Lijiang map. First control went to Dallas as Minseok “OGE” Son quickly built Primal rage and pushed Vancouver off the map. This was a very back and forth map, and control was swapped numerous times. In the end Dallas had to attempt to retake the point and couldn’t all make it back in time.
In the next round, due to poor rotations, the Titans found picks and took first control. Dallas managed to eventually capture the point at 99% and keep themselves alive. The Fuel became aggressive once they had control and Vancouver pushed back harder. The point was flipped back for the Titans and they took Lijiang.

Hanamura: Dallas Fuel lose 2-1

Mirror Reinhardt GOATS came out for both teams and it became scrappy really quickly. Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo died first but Dallas responded with two of their own. This was not enough, Vancouver pushed themselves through the first point and muscled their way onto the second. The Titans capped with six minutes to spare.
It was the same strategy for Dallas’ attack. Some great rotations and a pick onto two of the Titans gave Dallas a quick Point A. The second point proved more difficult for the Fuel and Dallas couldn’t stop the Haksal Doomfist. The bar was set too high for the Fuel and they were held by Vancouver.

Blizzard World: Dallas Fuel lose 4-3

Dallas Fuel vs Vancouver Titans

Nothing new for both teams,as Vancouver walked into Dallas and deleted them for first point. The Fuel was eventually able to get ultimates and stop the snowball halfway through Point B. Dallas started to time their aggression better and put up more of a fight, but ultimates were in favor of the Titans and they finished Blizzard world with two minutes left.
It was Dallas’ turn to attack and they took their time. After an economy push to get their win conditions, they took Point A. Lucas “Note” Meissner managed to eat a Graviton Surge and get two kills with a D.Va bomb to secure Point B. The last point was a long fight as teams traded kills, but Dallas pushed Vancouver back with great midfight teamplay. Note picked up another Graviton eat at the end and secured all three points.
Now with Dylan “aKm” Bignet on Sombra, Dallas had one more push. However aKm did not have enough time to build an EMP and they did not capture Point A. The Fuel had to hold for two minutes for a draw at best, but Vancouver had time to get everything they needed and took the series.

Junkertown: Dallas Fuel lose 3-2

Dallas decided to start the shenanigans with a Bastion, Orisa, Roadhog, D.Va defense. The unique defense actually held for several minutes until Vancouver got a Nanoblade. Dallas eventually swapped to GOATS, then added a Sombra, Winston and Ana. Vancouver decided to do their end of match ritual of playing DPS, but it only got them halfway through Point C.
The Fuel’s attack saw a Symmetra, Bastion and Baptise. The composition almost got them to the end of Point A. Eventually GOATS came out and Dallas finished Point A in overtime. At Point B OGE  had enough, and decided to shatter Vancouver. Dallas was stopped at Point C and Vancouver took the 4-0.


Dallas Fuel vs Vancouver Titans
Image Courtesy of Overwatch Contenders via Twitch

Dallas mental boomed from the beginning, but what else could be expected? Unless Dallas tried some crazy strategies to throw Vancouver off of their game then they would have taken the win in any scenario. The Titans have been the best GOATS team in the world since GOATS became a composition. Until 3-3 is finally dead expect more of this dominance.


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