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Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Shanghai Dragons

Dallas Fuel vs Shanghai Dragons

In this highly anticipated rematch, the better team was decided. The coaching staff from Dallas showed up and prepared for the Sombra from Shanghai, and they were able to beat the Dragons at their own game. The versatility from this roster was shown, not in the hero pool, but the play style. Dallas was measured and beat Shanghai 4-0 in dominant fashion. This team looks better every week; there are still kinks but with confidence and preparation they can beat anyone.

Nepal: Dallas Fuel win 2-1

The rematch started where Dallas left off last week, this time sporting a Mei. This was short lived as Shanghai took first control, and the aggression payed off for Shanghai as they steamrolled Dallas on map one. The next map Richard “rCk” Kanerva played Sombra, and with this they took control from Shanghai at 33%. After some good ultimate rotations between the Zarya and Sombra, Dallas held for the remainder of the map. The final map started out with a Shanghai first capture, but Dallas took back control after 39%. Gravitons were eaten on both sides in very scrappy engagements with rCk and Minseok “OGE” Son clutching the fight. This map ended with Hammond, Reaper, Soldier, Tracer and Widowmaker all in a effort to get back to the point and do some damage. The Lucio from Wonsik “Closer” Jung kept Dallas’ dream alive and the Fuel won the map after some grueling staggers.

Hollywood: Dallas Fuel win 3-2

Both teams pulled out a Sombra, but Jinhyeok “DDing” Yang charged his ultimate faster than rCk. With great support ultimates, Dallas managed to halt Shanghai at point B. The synergy between rCk’s Sombra and OGE’s Reinhardt showed with great aggression after an EMP. However a misclick from rCk let Shanghai into point C. With great ultimate rotations and reading of Shanghai’s plans, Dallas held Shanghai at the beginning of point C. The fear of rCk’s Sombra pushed Shanghai into rotating, where Gamsu was caught out on point A. Dallas steamrolled through point B and won the map with several minutes to spare. Dallas’ reading of Shanghai’s EMP’s allowed the Fuel’s supports to hide and come in afterward to counter the EMP. This looked like a prepared team heading into halftime.

Temple of Anubis: Dallas Fuel win 3-2

Mirror GOATS came out, where Dallas looked dominant in the beginning by combining ultimtates. A sneaky Dylan “aKm” Bignet ended one push, but it was short lived on point A. Textbook play between OGE and rCk beat out the Dragons attack, Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson picked up a string of kills after a strange attack from Shanghai. The Dragons did manage to capture in overtime by splitting up Dallas, thus put the Fuel in a favorable position.

The attack was played slowly by both teams, fighting for positioning and looking to out rotate each other. Dallas slugged it out on point A and rushed down to point B where they snowballed into a capture with several minutes to spare. The french duo of aKm and uNKOE dished out consistent damage on this map. The Dallas Fuel rotated around point A again and set up uNKOE to free fire onto the Dragons. Solid play from Dallas all around pushed them to an easy map and series win.

Route 66: Dallas Fuel win 4-3

Dallas were building ultimates faster than Shanghai from the get-go. The Sombra’s on each team were trading fight wins from EMP’s. OGE and rCk had been combining their EMP and Earth Shatter to a tee until DDing would respond and catch OGE out before uNKOE could come in with his Transcendence. This map looked like the old Dallas where they were disoriented and couldn’t find their footing. Shanghai captured all three points with 1:20 left in the time bank.

The Dallas attack was slow until uNKOE opened the fight with a cheeky kill onto his counterpart. Shanghai pulled another C9 on point A when Closer back capped under their noses. OGE took a page out of Bumper’s book but was caught out and deleted in humorous fashion. The cart rolled through point B off the back of a six man EMP from rCk. A good stagger from Shanghai held Dallas by the end of the map until they had less time.

Dallas started rolling through point A in overtime and rCk again came in with a great EMP. DDing responded with his own EMP after the first checkpoint to stop the cart in it’s tracks. The defense for Dallas started with a misplay from rCk where he was caught out twice, giving Shanghai point A. Both Sombras got caught out early, but since rCk was killed first, he returned at the very last second with a huge EMP. Dallas stopped the cart before Shanghai could push it to the end. Dallas went 4-0 in the series.


Dallas prepared for this match like their life depended on it. The Fuel understood how DDing played and how the team played around him. With this knowledge, uNKOE and Closer were able to counter most EMP’s and rCk was able to combine his EMP’s with OGE’s Earth Shatter’s for a fight win. When it came to GOATS, Shanghai only looked better when they had Gamsu on Winston and a whole lot of ultimates. Dallas adopted a passive play style, waiting for EMP’s and trusting in each other to survive. With the right preparation, Dallas can beat teams at their own game.

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