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Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Los Angeles Gladiators

Dallas Fuel stage 3
Despite the Gladiators and Fuel being close in the standings, the gap between the two is farther than would seem. While LA has the potential to beat the best in the league. Dallas are more of a middle of the pack team. It was scrappy at times, but the Gladiators were dominant all series long. The Fuel took a hard fought loss and walked away without a map win.

Oasis: Dallas Fuel lose 2-0

As expected Minseok “OGE” Son played over Ashley “Trill” Powell as main tank. Despite the odd roster pick on the LA side, Reinhardt 3-3 came out from both teams. The Gladiators took first control after OGE overstepped his boundaries, the Fuel quickly clapped back though. After the first two fight both teams knew it wouldn’t be easy. Despite the Graviton eat from Lucas “Note” Meissner, the last fight went the way of LA.
While trying to engulf the point, the Fuel roster took too much poke and lost the first fight. After gaining their ultimates and pushing together, Dallas took control but did not hold it for very long. It was scrappy from both teams in the last fight, multiple players ended up falling into the pit. This was beneficial for the Gladiators as they already had control of the point, they took map one.

Paris: Dallas Fuel lose 2-0

Dallas Fuel stage 3
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
The unique Dallas bunker came out for the defense with Winston and Orisa. This had early success, but LA responded with their own Bunker and captured A off of a fast Amplification Matrix. Teams never quite know what to expect from LA, they fancied attack Bunker with Soldier: 76, Bastion and even Mei. Their antics pushed them through the map with three minutes left.
Dallas attacked against their own defense.  Most would think that the team who made the composition would know how to beat it. That would not be the case, Dallas attempted a triple DPS look to break their own composition, after that failed they swapped to EMP nanoblade but did not have enough time to use their ultimates. Gladiators up 2-0 in the series.

Hollywood: Dallas Fuel lose 3-2

Dallas Fuel stage 3
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Blink and one would have missed point A. Dylan “aKm” Bignet fell off of the high ground for an easy LA win. Dallas lost point B without a single kill and only started winning fights on point C. Despite getting rolled on the first two point, the Fuel held back LA until overtime. Not optimal but it could have been way worse.
This attack had aKm on Sombra and Note picked up Zarya. It took a very long two minutes, but aKm got EMP and the rest was book work. The Sombra pick worked out for the Fuel as they rolled though point B. The last point was more difficult as the Fuel were forced off of the Sombra and would inevitably lose fights due to ultimate rotation. The last fight was well fought, but not in favor of the Fuel, aKm died early, overtime clicked in, Gladiators had spawn advantage. The series went to LA.

Havana: Dallas Fuel lose 1-3

Dallas Fuel stage 3
Image courtesy of Dot Esports
The defense on point A was better than average for Dallas, they held for three minutes, only losing because Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson could not get Transcendence in time. For the first time in the series the Fuel looked really good, holding for a long time on all the points. Despite the holds, LA finished the map in overtime.
A close hold from the Gladiators meant free ultimate charge for the Fuel. The point A fight lasted an eternity as both teams just played their own game. It took way too long, but Dallas finished A in overtime after wasted Bombs and Shatters. Point B spoke the end of the Boys in Blue, high ground was too powerful and a misused Transcendence was the nail in the coffin.


This was basically confirmation that Dallas are a middle tier team and the Gladiators are a top tier team. The GOATS play from LA is just on a higher level than Dallas’. OGE would often die first because he plays hyper aggressive and his team cannot support him. It has been like this all season long, Dallas typically only wins once OGE reigns himself in to become more opportunistic. Hopefully in the next match the team will learn their lessons.

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