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Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem

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This is the last Dallas game in Stage two, so a win was needed for them to make Stage Playoffs. This was a very close match because of the fact that Florida had a week to prep for it and Dallas had just come back from their home games. After halftime Dallas rallied together and claimed their playoff spot in the stage.

Busan: Dallas Fuel win 2-1

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem
2019-04-13 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Reinhardt GOATS came out from both teams and the Mayhem looked like they were cashing in on scrim bucks. The Fuel struggled to take control and lost map one.

The second map was a different story as Dallas took first control. Minseok “OGE” Son and Lucas “Note” Meissner closed out Meka Base with a clean Shatter Bomb combo.

The last map was difficult for the Fuel again as Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson struggled to keep pace with Florida’s counterpart. In a nailbiter Dallas held control, Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo kept OGE alive with a huge Armor pack from spawn. It was extremely close but Dallas took the map.

Temple of Anubis: Florida Mayhem win 6-5

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem
Courtesy of Overwatch

The boys in blue played it slow and methodically. The first point was captured in one fight. Second point was a buffet as both Graviton Surges were eaten. Despite that the Fuel did a 1:12 and speedran Anubis attack.

Dylan “aKm” Bignet ran Sombra, Winston and Ana for defense. It was very close but eventually, Dallas lost their ultimate advantage and the first point went to Florida. The second point had a great stall from Dallas but it was not in their favor.

Ultimates were not charging fast for anyone on the Fuel and they opted to give up first after losing their two tanks. Two players on the Mayhem decided to put on their carry pants and captured the second point with two minutes left.

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The same rotations came out from Dallas but this time they struggled much more. This Fuel were much more indecisive but they still did muscle their way through first. By forcing out ultimates early, the Fuel capitalized with a Graviton and finished out their fourth capture.

Now on the attack, Dallas needed to make something happen. Despite losing Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson early, ZachaREEE returned with two. The boys in blue captured first but did not have enough time to make anything happen for a second.

Ana came out from uNKOE to try and build Nanoboost, but he rotated and OGE died early. This lost them first point and the second came quickly after. Florida tied up the series 1-1.

King’s Row: Dallas Fuel win 3-2

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem
2019-04-14 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Dallas did defense with an Ana to try and build Nanoboost for first fight. This did not work as OGE was again caught out early. However, the Fuel were able to take an early fight on the second point. Scrappy fights came out from both teams, but overall cooldown usage looked better for Dallas. The Fuel rallied together and stopped the cart on point C.

Dallas’ attack was very difficult when kills went in their favor, Florida somehow pulled it back. However, Note was the savior of point A with a huge pick onto Florida’s Zenyatta. Streets phase was elementary, two fights, two wins. From there Note again used his D.Va Bomb to kill the Mayhem’s Zenyatta to start the fight. The Fuel took King’s Row and the advantage in the series.

Rialto: Dallas Fuel win 3-0

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem
Image Courtesy of @DallasFuel on Twitter

OGE looked to have learned his lesson of feeding. He played patiently and waited for his counterpart to mess up. This won them point A and Note did Note things to get them B. Point C was pretty much just staggers from Florida and Dallas finished without losing a single fight.

The gameplan for the Fuel turned into “Focus Swon and Hagopeun”, this worked out for them. Overall improved teamplay and performances from OGE and uNKOE lead to a full hold on Rialto. Dallas decided to try and took the map 3-0.


Dallas decided that they had to try after halftime. OGE went from mega feeding to measured, uNKOE began to keep pace with Hagopeun. Note has always been an amazing D.Va and he went the last two maps without dying once. That and he got at least one kill with almost every Bomb. This win secured Dallas’ playoff spot.

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