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Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Chengdu Hunters

Dallas Fuel stage 3
For the first time all season, Johnathen “Harryhook” Tejedor Rua started due to Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson having a medical emergency. Also Ashley “Trill” Powell played again as main tank. The changes didn’t impact much, meaning that the series wouldn’t have looked much better if the best roster was played. The problem with Dallas is not one person, in fact the players on the team are all very talented. This match made that apparent. The problem with the Fuel is on a team level and that’s why they lost 4-0 to the Chengdu Hunters.

Nepal: Dallas Fuel lose 0-2

Dallas Fuel stage 3
2019-04-14 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment
The rematch started off with Winston GOATS on Fuel’s side and Bunker on Hunters’ side. The Bunker composition took first control, but Dallas ended with the kills. Players were falling off the map as Wonsik “Closer” Jung got two environmental kills. However that wasn’t enough, the Bunker took control of the point, then the choke for the win.
Ana, Tracer, Sombra and McCree all came out from Dallas. However these compositions were not practiced compared to the Pharah, Mercy, Hammond and Sombra. It wasn’t until Chengdu wasted ultimates in their last fight that Dallas got the flip. The Fuel lost control again in the following fight and Chengdu took the win with ease.

Horizon Lunar Colony: Dallas Fuel lose 0-1

Dallas Fuel stage 3
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Double sniper bunker came out from the Boys in Blue on their defense. The Hanzo from Zachary “ZachaREEE” Lombardo popped off, saving the first fight single handedly. Dylan “aKm” Bignet had the enemy Sombra’s number, killing her every fight. It came down to the last fight, Chengdu’s EMP came in, aKm got two kills and the rest of the team rallied together on point for a first point hold.
Dallas decided to run Sombra, Genji dive with a Hammond. After swapping a couple characters and wasting a few minutes the last fight came in. Somehow, someway Dallas threw away the easiest win they could have had. The counter full hold came in and the Fuel went down 2-0

Numbani: Dallas Fuel lose 3-4

Defense to start out again, aKm on Sombra and Harryhook Ana tried to shut down the Pharah from the Hunters. After a stout two minute hold, the Chengdu EMP came in and that meant point A was done. A huge zero man EMP came in again to finish B, but it still forced beat from Wonsik “Closer” Jung and won. For point C Dallas didn’t swap their composition to GOATS until last fight. That meant they reset ultimate economy and were rightfully rolled for the bad coordination with two minutes left.
Dallas Fuel stage 3
Source: Play Overwatch and Blizzard Entertainment

Dallas took a page out of Chengdu’s book and ran multiple DPS on attack. Hammond, Sombra and Hanzo came out. ZachaREEE popped off again on A attack and the cart started rolling. Multiple misplays from Chengdu meant their loss on B and Dallas started looking good. Comboing Hammond and Hanzo strangely worked out until C, then Sombra GOATS came out from both teams. Dallas finished the map in overtime, that meant the series was over and the best they could get was a draw on the map.

Winston, Ana and Sombra came out again from the Fuel defense. However Chengdu only needed one tick and they had two minutes to attack. Lucas “Note” Meissner was demeched, aKm was hacked and the dreams of Dallas were crushed.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar Dallas Fuel lose 0-3

Dallas Fuel stage 3
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Double sniper defense again from the Boys in Blue. Trill was on cart duty, he bought time for the DPS to get the frags they needed. The snipers played split on the highground and Note was the assassin that nobody noticed. The first hold almost came in, but the Fuel pulled a C9. After that Chengdu started getting momentum, EMP’s came in fast and both B and C went by in a flash.
The bread and butter for this match was bunker. But that meant that point A was not going to be easy with all the highground. With worse positioning, the DPS were not able to get much done. Swaps kept coming through and Dallas was toast. The full hold came in and the Fuel reminded fans of Season 1.


This was not a good game in any capacity. It was named match of the week but the actual game was atrocious. The casters started having a laugh at how bad things were going. If the organization wants to have a successful season three, changes will have to happen. As for the rest of this season, the Fuel need to find something that works for them, literally any play style and composition is better that what they have been doing.

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