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Overwatch League Recap: Dallas Fuel vs Boston Uprising

dallas fuel vs boston uprising

This match was a must win for both teams. Dallas had their strategy, and Boston had theirs; whatever team played their game better could take the win. This was Boston taking the win in the end by adapting to Dallas’ Sombra play and countering it with D.Va and, surprisingly, Zenyatta. The win for Boston isn’t the end of playoffs for Dallas, as some shenanigans can still happen to put them in. Boston played their strategy better and it payed off whereas Dallas was countered and unable to re-adapt.

Ilios: Dallas Fuel win 2-1

Dallas fuel vs boston uprising
Image courtesy of Overwatch

Dallas started on Sombra GOATS, which let them take first control on the point. The focused fire onto Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth helped Dallas win the first map with ease. Richard “rCk” Kanerva went over to D.Va on the second map, and both main tanks were also on Winston. Despite winning the first fight on paper, Boston took control of the point and held it until 30%. Environmental kills came out on both sides for the Lucio players, and rCk devoured some Graviton Surges.

This was not enough to combat the aggression from Boston however, and they took map two. Sombra came back out for rCk, creating a 5v6 for Boston which lead to a first capture. The focus was great for Dallas and they captured the point without using any ultimates. Fight win after fight win came out for Dallas until Boston got their ultimates back. EMP and Graviton Surge successes meant two fight wins for Dallas as they pushed Boston back into control for the map win.

Kings Row: Dallas Fuel win 3-2

Dallas opted for the defense as always, and the Sombra again made easy picks with her hack ability. Aggression from Fusions was punished by the Fuel time and time again despite support ultimates being used to save him. Boston timed their aggression to counter rCk’s EMP to capture point A. Boston pushed through point B by focus firing Dylan “aKm” Bignet on the Zarya. Dallas stopped Boston before capturing point C by quickly building another EMP and combining it with a Graviton from aKm.

The Dallas attack was difficult to start because Boston was shutting down rCk’s Sombra. However, Dallas played slow and built up their combos for a point capture. Boston tried to counter the EMP again but Minseok “Aimgod” Kwon wasn’t able to save Fusions as he was focused down quickly. All was lost for Boston, even Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse on Widowmaker couldn’t stop Dallas’ EMP and Earth Shatter combo. This map was a steamroll from Dallas with rCk being the linchpin. Dallas went up 2-0 in the series.

Volskaya Industries: Boston Uprising win 4-3

dallas fuel vs boston uprising
Image courtesy of Overwatch

Volskaya is Boston’s home turf, but Dallas had momentum. A quick pick from Aimgod onto rCk led Boston to a very easy point A capture. Boston again focused down rCk, he only built one EMP at the very end of the round. This laser focusing of the Sombra allowed Boston to very quickly capture both points on their signature map. The attack had Lucas “Note” Meissner hunting down rCk, but Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson picked up the slack and did an insane amount of damage to open up point A. All looked lost for Boston until Note pulled out Tracer and saved the fight for Boston on point B. Boston managed to shave off two minutes from Dallas’ attack due to good positioning for rCk’s EMP. Extra rounds came in with Boston having a three minute advantage.

The Sombra on Dallas was being hard focused, forcing bad positioning from rCk. Point A was captured after a large ultimate bank for Dallas, this lead to Boston holding point B as Dallas did not have enough time to build more and use them correctly. Boston had a huge time-bank for their attack and all Dallas could do was build EMP as fast as possible. Dallas rotated EMP, Earth Shatter and Graviton Surge for fight wins, but Boston still captured with two minutes left. Time favored Boston and they rushed the point knowing Dallas had no ultimates to use. Boston took the point and the map by focusing down rCk’s Sombra.

Dorado: Boston Uprising win 3-0

So far this season Dallas has not lost Dorado, they didn’t want to give up that streak. Dallas played point A extremely passively until rCk built an EMP, which meant the next fight was Boston’s. The Fuel held close and took high-ground, but Boston returned quickly with a huge Earthshatter. This map was very back and forth, Boston would win one fight, Dallas won the next, and so on. This push and pull meant Boston captured all three points in overtime. The aggression at the right moments payed off for Boston at the end of the map. Aimgod time and time again focused down rCk, denying him ultimate charge. Dallas decided to stop trying the Sombra GOATS but it was too late for the Fuel. Boston full held Dallas on Dorado off the back of Aimgod and tied the series 2-2.

Nepal: Boston Uprising wins 2-1

dallas fuel vs boston uprising
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

No Sombra shenanigans on this map, just GOATS. Boston took control with pure aggression and held off the back of Aimgod again. Boston looked like the better mirror GOATS team after taking map one 100% to Dallas’ 9%. Winstons came out on the next map and Dallas took first control despite rCk getting de-meched early in the fight. Dallas managed to hold until 80% until Boston used their Graviton. Boston then held until 90% before uNKOE opened up with a kill onto Brigitte. A nail-biter of a last fight payed off for Dallas due to good positioning and focus-fire. Dallas opted once more for the Sombra but it did not pay off on the first fight. Boston did capture 50% on the point until giving it up to rCk’s EMP. Boston returned with a flurry of ultimates and recaptured the point, they held it for the win over Dallas. The Fuel’s last engagement had an EMP, but it came out too early and the rest of the team was not able to follow up on it.


This loss was due to Boston adapting to Dallas’ Sombra play. Dallas was unable to re-adapt after Note and Aimgod shut down rCk. Dallas also never wanted to take the mirror match as they thought themselves the lesser in that match up. Perhaps if Dallas prepared for a mirror match and not a counter they could have won this series. Other than that Dallas played well, Boston just played better putting themselves into the playoffs.

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