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Overwatch League: Dallas Fuel Week 1 Preview

Dallas Fuel vs LA Valiant

The Dallas Fuel are entering the third season of the Overwatch League with careful expectations. Their record up to this point has been less than flattering, and with the Dallas Homestand as the opener for the league, all eyes are directed toward the team.

Los Angeles Valiant 0-0-0

Boston Uprising Stage 4 Week 4
Photo: Ben Pursell For Blizzard Entertainment

Up until last week, it seemed that most people had written the Valiant off as a bottom-tier team. However, rumors have been circulating on social media (albeit unsubstantiated) that they have been performing incredibly well, leaving fans largely in the dark. The “wild card” nature of the Valiant makes prediction difficult. Their DPS is as yet unproven on the stage, which is a danger that the Fuel must be aware of. KSP, in particular, is a highlight for the Valiant, and Dallas should be looking to make quick work of him before there’s an opportunity for LA to gain an edge. 

On Dallas’s end, the team has to be looking for the leadership that Gamsu was brought on for. As a fresh DPS lineup, Decay and Doha will have to prove to their homestand crowd that this is where they belong.

The biggest question mark for Dallas remains in their support lineup. With Crimzo announced within the last week, will Dallas play him alongside Closer? Or will they fall back on the comfortable familiarity of uNKOE and HarryHook?

Last but not least, Dallas Fuel has its homestand crowd. It seems a small thing, but the Valiant should be well aware not to underestimate the power of the home turf. When Dallas played the Valiant at their homestand in Season Two, they swept them away with a clean 4-0 victory, something that Dallas is training to replicate. 

Player to Watch

Gamsu is going to be the highlight for the Dallas Fuel. Despite all the changes that Dallas has made to their roster, they have always lacked a significant leadership figure to guide the team and keep them positive. Gamsu’s previous synergy with NotE is not lost on fans, either. Gamsu plays a slower and more careful style. NotE had some trouble last season synergizing with OGE’s more aggressive movement and play. 

Predicted score: Dallas Wins 3-1


San Francisco Shock 0-0-0

San Francisco Shock
Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Needless to say, this is going to be a tough match for Dallas. Going up against what is arguably the Number One team in the league is never an easy task, even more so when Dallas has yet to prove a large portion of their roster. The Shock will not go easy on them, and it’s going to be a difficult match that will make the Fuel fight for every inch they can. The Shock are coming at them with an all-star roster that doesn’t have anything to prove at all. Between the Grand Finals MVP Choihyobin being a force to reckon with, along with a massively talented team to back him up. 

Again, the biggest advantage that Dallas have in this match is the crowd. They were smart about scheduling five homestands. This is a whole five times that Dallas have their crowd backing them up, a huge confidence booster for any team. If there was ever a moment in which fans could turn the tide, Dallas needs it to be that moment.

Dallas’ biggest weakness is their support line. Until their supports prove they can work as a team, their healers will remain the biggest obstacle in this match. The difficult thing to predict is the ability of the DPS. With the dominance of the GOATS meta last year, fans saw little of DPS players in their traditional roles. It is Decay and Doha’s moment to step up to the plate for Dallas fans and make a statement, and there’s no better time to make it than against the 2019 Grand Finals champions. 

Player to Watch

Doha is the player to watch for this match. Coming up from Contenders on Team Envy, Doha has a lot to prove to both his teammates and the rest of the Overwatch League. If Doha can show that he was worth it and stand up to the San Francisco Shock, Dallas has the potential to earn legendary status that could make Dallas a serious contender this season in an incredibly difficult division. 

Predicted Score: Shock win 3-0


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