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Dallas Fuel: Stage 2 Playoffs Preview

Dallas Fuel stage finals

Dallas Fuel had what should have been an easy Week 5, but was caught off-guard. The Fuel still managed to make playoffs, but it wasn’t quite as easy as they expected. Florida Mayhem put up much more of a fight than expected, however Dallas still managed to win 3-1.

Review: Stage 2 Week 5

The one match Dallas had in Week 5 was against the Florida Mayhem. This was supposed to be a landslide in Fuel’s favor, but it wasn’t handed to them on a silver platter.

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem

Dallas Fuel stage finals
Image Courtesy of Jayne

Coming back from their home stadium to having the first match of the week proved difficult for the roster. Dallas looked unprepared for the Mayhem, who had been practicing for this match since week three. Fuel returned from their stadium in Texas and had a short time to prepare for their final regular stage match, this was evident in their play early on.

Map 1 on Busan was far to close for Dallas, with their saving grace being an armor pack from spawn onto Minseok “OGE” Son to keep him alive. The second map was perhaps the Fuel’s worst map in the game since Season 1, Temple of Anubis. Despite having an almost entirely new roster from last season, attacking on this map is still difficult for the team. Dallas once again lost Anubis.

After halftime, things had changed. The coaching staff must have made the players turn on their brains or something because they looked like a new team. King’s Row and Rialto went in a flash as Dallas decided to do what was expected from the beginning, roll Florida.

Player of the Game: Note

Dallas Fuel stage finals
2019-04-14 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Lucas “Note” Meissner’s stats were insane in this game. For the last two maps, Note didn’t die a single time. As for bomb kills, he seemingly killed Florida’s Zenyatta every time after halftime. After being traded to the team, his D.Va play has at some times single-handedly carried maps.

Preview: Stage 2 PLayoffs

Dallas’ match in the Stage 2 Playoffs are against none other than the Vancouver Titans. The Fuel faced off against the Titans back in week three, it did not go well for the Boys in Blue. Most people are expecting it to go that way again as only a handful of teams have been able to make the Titans start trying their hardest. The maps have not been revealed as of yet, but it likely wont matter as GOATs will likely be played the majority of the time. Based off of the last time Dallas took on the Titans, there isn’t any reason to think that will change.

Prediction: Dallas Fuel lose 3-0

Player to Watch: OGE

OGE and the Vancouver counterpart Bumper have similar playstyles. However OGE will sometimes reign himself in to stop from feeding, letting his teammates take some of the load. This head-to-head will be something to keep an eye on in the finals.

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