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Dallas Fuel: Stage 2 Week 5 Preview

Dallas Fuel stage three

Review: Stage 2 Week 4

The Dallas Fuel Homestand was an amazing experience for fans and players alike. The home crowd proved useful in giving the Fuel, well, the fuel they needed to get back to back wins. The players on stage definitely fed off the crowd, tactical crouches came out from many members of the Fuel. This Dallas Fuel roster looked more decisive and measured than ever before, every player performed out of their mind in these games.

Los Angeles Valiant: 4-0

Dallas Fuel stage two
2019-04-28 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

This was kind of a stomp from the Boys in Blue. The Valiant have had trouble all season, only winning two games throughout the whole season so far. Los Angeles was out of their home stadium and stuck in a meta they have not been good at so far. This match was a decimation from Dallas, at one point they were borderline spawn camping on Eichenwalde.

GOATS was pretty much the name of the game; LA did try some DPS compositions and Dallas pulled out some pocket strategies. Everyone on the Fuel performed to the standards they set this stage, they aren’t a GOATS one-trick team and they look like a very well rounded squad.

Player of the game: OGE

Dallas Fuel stage two
2019-04-27 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Minseok “OGE” Son had a monster game against the Valiant. He was straight styling on Pan-seung “Fate” Koo and the rest of the team. OGE has looked so good this stage on both Reinhardt and Winston, partially because of the support he gets and because of his slight change of play style. Dallas’ main tank is aggressive, but lately he has adopted a more measured style. OGE pops off when he has to, but lets his team do their job too.


Houston Outlaws: 3-1

The battle for Texas finally went the way of Dallas. The crowd was pretty split on who they were rooting for, but the Fuel channeled their fans’ energy. Houston has had a rough stage so far and it continued in this match. Somehow Dallas even managed to live through Houston’s EMP’s which are usually team-wipes. The Fuel did lose Temple of Anubis, but that was half expected as the Outlaws have Junkrat and Widowmaker mains.

This match was intense. The crowd was so loud and it made every team fight that much more suspenseful . Looking back Dallas was better in mostly every fight, Houston only had the upper hand when they had highground, ultimate advantage and a Junkrat.

Player of the match: uNKOE

Dallas Fuel stage two
2019-04-28 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Ever since Benjamin “uNKOE” Chevasson joined the roster he has been a silent carry for the team. This match uNKOE’s Ana single-handedly won them back to back fights on King’s Row and stopped a snowball on Watchpoint: Gibraltar. The sleep onto Muma on second point Gibraltar stopped the snowball, saved Dylan “aKm” Bignet and led to a smaller timebank for Houston.


Preview: Stage 2 Week 5

This looks like another good week for Dallas. The Boys in Blue have one match and it is against arguably the worst team in the league right now.

Dallas Fuel vs Florida Mayhem

There isn’t much to say about this match. Florida has looked better than before, but still not on the level of Dallas. The internal troubles in the Mayhem have plagued the team for a season and a half, no reason to think it would all be fixed now.

The maps in this set are Busan, Temple of Anubis, King’s Row and Rialto. Busan is a great Widowmaker map and the Mayhem have a great Widowmaker player, so that could be a good matchup. Depending on the defense, Anubis could be a struggle for Dallas. The Fuel has always struggled attacking on that map. King’s Row and Rialto are GOATS through and through, so Dallas has the upper hand there.

Prediction – Dallas win 4-0

Player to watch: Closer

Since joining the team, Wonsik “Closer” Jung has been in the background of highlights and silent in game. However the fact that nobody notices him is what makes him good. Closer has had his flashy moments this season, but it might be time to actively look at what he is doing. It’s time for the silent Lucio to get his moment.

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