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Daily Fantasy OWL Budget Report: Week 9

Welcome to the first edition of the TGH Daily Fantasy OWL Budget Report! Each week, this report will do its best to guide players to have the best roster available. The focus will be on the two main daily fantasy platforms for OWL – FantasyOWL and DraftBuff.

Week 9 is an exciting time for fantasy players as teams slowly make their way back into the schedule and more OWL players get the opportunity to perform. With more teams making their return to online play, there are certainly a large pool of players to dive into.

For the purpose of this piece, the decisions and recommendations will be based on the classic 300 coin limit for DraftBuff and 100 level limit for FantasyOWL.

Price Gouge of the Week

Jonas “Shaz” Suovaara, Los Angeles Gladiators

Price Tag
DraftBuff: 80 Coins
FantasyOWL: Level 21

Photo Courtesy of Ben Pursell for the Overwatch League.

It is very important to note that Shaz is an incredible pick for standard and Unlimited fantasy OWL leagues. However, in terms of daily fantasy where teams have a specific budget, Shaz is far too expensive for teams this weekend. Worth over a fifth of the team’s budget, Shaz is an extremely risky pick up at his current price. The match against the San Francisco Shock highlighted how strong the Gladiators can be when things click. Typically this would be a very good thing for Los Angeles, but being a strong team against a much weaker Dallas Fuel does not bode well for fantasy stat-lines. With a likely score of 3-0 in favor of the Gladiators, there won’t be enough time for Shaz to truly have the performance his price demands.

Steal of the Week

Kai “KSP” Collins, Los Angeles Valiant

Price Tag
DraftBuff: 59 Coins
FantasyOWL: Level 9

Courtesy of the Los Angeles Valiant

KSP was one of the few players that TGH noted to keep on eye on this past weekend to see if he could mirror his week 1 performance. The Valiant hit-scan absolutely proved that he could produce incredible fantasy numbers once more as he lead the team in their victory over the Shock. Even though his DraftBuff price is just below average, the dirt-cheap price of Level 9 for FantasyOWL cannot be passed up. When the Stats Lab does fire back up before this weekend, expect KSP to be near the top of the list in both Elims per 10 and Final Blows per 10.

Best Value Picks

Byung-sun “Fleta” Kim, Shanghai Dragons

Price Tag
DraftBuff: 66 Coins
FantasyOWL: Level 11

The Dragons' Newest Player Fleta
Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

The one thing we learned from the Chinese matches this weekend was that every game is going to be close. In fantasy, the closer the games, the better and who better to have playing five maps than Fleta. Fleta was able to receive the majority of the playtime in an extremely crowded DPS lineup and did not waste a moment. If the trend continues this weekend, expect Fleta to once more play plenty of Overwatch and add plenty of fantasy value to the roster.

Han-been “Hanbin” Choi, Paris Eternal

Price Tag
DraftBuff: 56 Coins
FantasyOWL: Level 15

Hanbin should not be below the average on either platform, but luckily for players he sits in at an incredible value. As one of the best tanks so far in fantasy, it would be assumed Hanbin would cost quite a large amount of credits, but thanks to only having one match this weekend, his value has tanked. The single match Paris does have is against the oddly resurgent Outlaws, in a favorable meta for Houston no less. If flex-tank is one position left on the roster, do not miss the chance to snag Hanbin for below value.

Min-chul “IZaYaKI” Kim, Shanghai Dragons

Price Tag
DraftBuff: 27 Coins
FantasyOWL: Level 12

As a starting flex-support, Izayaki’s price tag is an absolute bargain. IZaYaKI played the entire weekend, much to the surprise of analysts and fans. The former Valiant support played well, but most important he played plenty of maps.Picking up IZaYaKi for cheap will go a long way to making rosters stronger than the rest of the competition. Try and set lineups soon before platforms realize what a deal they are giving to their players.

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Featured image courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

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