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Gen.G Contenders Talent


Gen.G has had much success when it comes to their Gen.G contenders team. Well-known players such as Taehoon ‘Fuze’ Kim (London Spitfire), Gilseong ‘Glister’ Lim (London Spitfire and San Francisco Shock), and Hyeonwoo ‘Toyou’ Lim (Seoul Dynasty) all came from the beginnings of the Gen.G contenders team. Here is a look at some other Gen.G contender’s players that the community should keep their eye on.

Talent of Age

Hakyong ‘Stalk3r’ Jeong – Signed!

Stalk3r was announced recently that he would be joining the Seoul Dynasty for the Season 5 of the Overwatch League. He was previously on other teams but his longest stint was on Gen.G from 2018 to 2021. His DPS is reminiscent of Junyoung ‘Profit’ Park. His hero pool comprises of Genji, Echo, Tracer, Cassidy, and Pharah. Though he is still the newbie in the DPS line up he has a lot of potential for future tournaments and seasons. Stalk3r is a name that Tiger Nation has been waiting to join the ranks of the Seoul Dynasty and it has finally happened.

Jeongwan ‘someone’ Ham

Someone has been a tank that has been in the scene for a while. He was first on the Gen.B squad in 2019 and within a year had moved up to the Gen.G contenders team. He was there until 2021. The highest he achieved with Gen.G was 2nd place but then he transferred with team CC, which is the Shanghai Dragon’s contenders team in Korea. He has achieved with them all top 5 finishes in major tournaments. His Hammond has been his comfort pick but Orisa as well as Winston and Reinhardt are other heroes that he will bounce onto when the situation calls for it. His dives alongside his DPS have proven to be very effective. He would give a fresh new perspective to a team that is looking to mold a new main tank to their roster.

Uiseong ‘Quasid’ Son

Quasid is a main support that has been with Gen.G for a while. He started with Gen.A for a while before moving up to the Gen.G contenders team. From there he moved to Team Diamond. Though it isn’t associated with Gen.G one of the coaches was Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong, main tank for the Seoul Dynasty Season 1 and a content creator for Gen.G. Though he moved he stayed in the family so to speak. His Ana is one of his stand-out heroes hitting some really good sleep darts. He can be seen in Baptist, Moira, and Zen allowing for a good amount of flexibility. Though his placing in tournaments is not the best, he offers a lot to a potential team looking to rebuild as his abilities are better than the rankings in tournaments that he has received. This clip above shows both Stalk3r, Quasid as well as some of the too young talents that still need to debut in the Overwatch League.

Talent to Still Come

Seungyong ‘Topdragon’ Jeong (2005), Somyeong ‘Bliss’ Kim (2005), Changhee ‘ITSAL’ Kim (2003) are all underage. They all have amazing promise in the Overwatch scene. Bliss has been a player that Tiger Nation has been excited to see play in the T1 scene. He came into Gen.G very young but already is the captain of the Contenders team for Gen.G. ITSAL is on the Boston Uprising contenders team as the main tank. Topdragon is currently still signed with Gen.G but is being loaned out. He is playing for Incendia Evolution in South Korea. There are many exciting players who are up and coming in the next few years. Hopefully, Gen.G continues to foster this talent as they have found many players that could make an incredible impact in the scene if given the chance.

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