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Concept Artist Creates Roadhog Skin Inspired by Australia’s Firefighters

Amidst a wave of support for the men and women battling the Australian bushfires, concept artist Armando Gonzales-Dorta has created a one-of a kind Roadhog skin inspired by the firefighting effort.

“Firefighter Roadhog”

The skin features Roadhog dressed in firefighter’s garb, complete with the tools required of the job. His gas mask has a sleeker design, and attaches to an oxygen tank carried on his back. Gonzales-Dorta also keeps the vehicular aspects of his original design, replacing the motorcycle elements with the bright red steel of a fire engine. The skin’s tiny details include headlights on his knees, a redesign of his hook, and a fire hydrant and hose that replace the chain at his waist. Perhaps most notably, the tattoo on Roadhog’s belly is transformed into a depiction of Australian wildlife.

Concept Artist Creates Roadhog Skin Inspired by Australia’s Firefighters
Armando Gonzales-Dorta via Artstation

Both Roadhog and his partner Junkrat are Australian natives in the story of Overwatch, and fans have come to associate them with the fire relief effort. Recently, a Reddit post asking Blizzard to “whip up” some charity skins for Junkrat and Roadhog received a huge show of community support. That post, created by “u/WippitGuud,” has amassed over 64,000 upvotes at time of writing.

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Blizzard has not yet commented on the Australian bushfire crisis, nor responded to the call for a charity skin event. However, parent company Activision has launched a fundraiser in its latest Call of Duty installment. Players who purchase the “Outback Relief Pack” through Call of Duty: Modern Warfare can expect 100% of their funds to be donated to the fire relief effort.

Though Blizzard has refrained from comment, they have set a precedent of creating skins to support a good cause. In May of 2018, Overwatch released the Pink Mercy skin to support the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. Fans bought the skin for a $15 donation, and in total raised $12.7 million for the organization.

Pink Mercy
Image via Blizzard Entertainment

How to Help

To support the efforts of firefighters battling the Australian bushfires, consider donating to organizations such as the World Wildlife Foundation or the Red Cross. Both organizations are helping the people and animals worst affected by the blazes.


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