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Competitive Map Pools Removed

map pools

In addition to the hero pool announcement, Blizzard also announced that they will be removing the map rotation from ranked Competitive play. They will also remove Horizon Lunar Colony and Paris from play as they rework them due to many complaints.

In the announcement, they explained that the intention of the map pools was to give each competitive season its own identity. This way, it makes the transition from season-to-season feel more impactful. But it was also to cut down on the number of matches on Paris and HLC. They are looking to improve Paris first, then take another look at Horizon.

map pools

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Map pools have been in Competitive play since Season 19. The limited pool meant that there were only three maps of each type eligible for play. With four types of map, this meant players only saw 12 out of the 21 maps each competitive season. Lasting for the entire two-month season, there have only been two pools implemented before switching to this new system.

Moving forward, all maps are eligible for play in the Competitive mode except Horizon and Paris. They say that when those two are tweaked they will be added back in. These changes are coming “very soon”.

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