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Clockwork Vendetta Disbands

European Contenders team Clockwork Vendetta announced today its plans to disband and withdraw from competition. Coming on the heels of multiple other organizations withdrawing from the Tier 2 scene, this one will be sure to hit fans of charming and wacky teams hard. This was the team that stormed its way from open division into contenders and into the hearts of fans worldwide. Playing a unique composition in the GOATs era, that defied the odds and led to great success. Putting together heroes such as Mei, Torbjorn, Orisa and Roadhog and finding a way to make it work.

European Contenders Clockwork Vendetta

Photo from Bad Pachimari

In the TwitLonger posted to the teams official Twitter account today, the team describes difficult situations arising with the advent of the new title from Riot Games, Valorant. 

“With the release of Valorant, we have lost a good majority of the roster we have been working on for so long, undoing several months of painstaking work, mostly at the cost of our coaches and manager who have to scout and develop team synergy time and time again with little to no financial compensation.”

They mention having trouble putting together a roster that they could be proud of, as many players are currently exploring other titles. With all this uncertainty, they felt it best to resign and cease operations.

Despite the gloomy nature of the announcement, they still ended on a message of hope. Thanking fans for all their support during their time and asking for the continued support of their players and staff as they move forward. They will indeed be sorely missed. Never forget the breaker of Metas.


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