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Clinic Key To Pridestark Overwatch Squad Performance In CGL


The Pridestark Gaming Overwatch team recently secured a spot in the top level of the Console Gaming League Multi-Tier tournament. Performing well in the league is a major focus for the org, and Clinic is key to the team’s overall success.

Clinic’s role is as Flex/DPS for the squad. He mainly plays Pharah when he’s smashing through the opponent’s tank on the way to creating his own highlight reel of YouTube kills.

“I definitely spend the most time with Pharah,” Clinic said, “but I also love Ashe for what she brings to the game with her mobility and ability kit.”

The map-heavy meta of Overwatch affects which character he plays. Like all good teammates, he coordinates his selection based upon the needs of the squad at the moment as well as what works best with the map.

“I mainly use Ashe on defense because of the accuracy of her shots,” he said. “Pharah fits well when we are pushing hard on the attack.”

The strength of any quality Overwatch team is the ability to adjust strategy based upon the opponent’s tactics and composition. This when Clinic steps into the tank role. Team captain Mikomi or the other tank will make the call to switch to a GOATS line up or Triple Tank.

“I pick between D.Va, Roadhog, or Zarya as an off-tank option if we are dealing with a sniper,” he said. “However, if we need a second or third main tank I like Winston.”

How Can Pridestark Take Down The CGL Title?

The Pridestark Overwatch team bases its growing successes upon the wide skill set of each member. This gave them the confidence to decide on playing over their collective heads in this league. They will be playing against Top 500 and better teams. That choice can lead to doubt creeping into the team’s collective consciousness. How will Clinic handle that possibility?

“We trust each other,” he said. “This means when someone makes a call mid-match we must have faith in ourselves and not second guess anyone.

“For myself, that means I make the decision and just go with it. Paralysis by analysis is deadly and will cost us matches.”

Team Captain MikomiChan added her thoughts on Clinic’s role for the team to be successful.

“Clinic is definitely the spearhead of my team in terms of DPS,” she said. “I look forward to his continued growth in his first tournament with Pridestark.”

Pridestark Isn’t Here For Moral Victories

The Console Gaming League Overwatch tournament isn’t just another one-shot event put together by a couple of friends to entertain themselves. The CGL got the full blessing of Blizzard through an extended vetting process to hold this event during the professional Overwatch season during the off days.

SkateactionDJ chatted with me about the details of the entire league start to finish in the video below.

This means the CGL is under a microscope and the teams are unofficially being scouted by the pros for future roster spots. Competition levels are fierce and there is a significant prize pool for the winners. Significant means over $10,000. All this means the top tier of this league attracted top console talent from all over the globe. Pridestark is pushing for a top division finish and a playoff run beyond just the first round.

Stay tuned for more details as the tournament progresses.

Featured image courtesy of Pridestark Gaming

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