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Chinese Overwatch All-Star Match Recap

Chinese Overwatch All-Star Match

The Chinese Overwatch All-Star Match was a tournament that was a part of the 2021 Gold Day Finals. This was the last part of the day after many matches of Hearthstone. This tournament showcase was in person at a LAN-like event. There were various kinds of matches for the Chinese pros to play.

The first team, which will be called the blue team was: Ding ‘Ameng’ Menghan, Xu ‘Guxue’ Qiulin, Yi ‘Jinmu’ Hu,  Zheng ‘Shy’ Yangjie, Chen ‘Lengsa’ Jingyi, Tong ‘Coldest’ Xiaodong. The second team or the Red team was made up of:  Wu ‘Superich’ Gengtuo, Weida ‘Diya’ Lu, Ou ‘Eileen’ Yiliang, Lou ‘Elsa’ Wenjie, Ni ‘Dai’ Yuandong (Team CC), and Cao ‘Faraway1987’ Jiale.

Game #1: Gungame

Chinese Overwatch All-Star Match

Courtesy of Bilibili

The first match was a deathmatch gun game.  Diya had the early lead in the match, but Shy was constantly on his tail only one or two heroes behind him. In this round, it was fun to see what skins that they used on their personal account as they all cycled through the heroes.

Shy won with a Torb hammer kill on Faraway. He also got POTM with his Hanzo, Zen, and Junkrat kills right in a row that helped him pull so far ahead.

Game #2: Hog and the Hole

Courtesy of Bilibili

The next watch was also a deathmatch team edition, the red team versus the blue team. As expected it was pure chaos, especially when the ults started to fly. The blue team had a firm lead throughout the whole match, but the red team was only a few points behind at the end.

Game #3:

In the words of Jinhyuk ‘Miro’ Gong, as a tank when you get a game with another main tank the loser is the one that doesn’t lock in DPS first. The Chinese players took this sentiment to heart with tanks on DPS and healers. Then DPS on healers and tanks as well as healers on tanks and DPS. It was chaotic and hilarious.

Map: Nepal

The teams first went to Sanctum. It was fun to see who opted to play on their traditional roles and who went all out. Lengsa and Shy were on their respective roles and had some great nano-blade moments. Meanwhile, Guxue’s support play was fun to watch with some critical sleeps on enemy DPS. The first round went to the Blue team.

The second round was on Shrine. Though the blue ream started off strong with the first cap it was the red team that took the map away. Dai particularly on Sigma did a great job in eliminations and holding the point. Once the red team got a hold of the point they didn’t let go of it for the rest of the map.

On the third and final round on village, Diya popped off on Mei getting a 3k that secured his team the first cap. This map went back and forth. even though there was a massive overtime the map went to the red team.

Game #4: Widow free for all

What is an all-star match without some great widow gameplay? With the players that were participating, there were high expectations of this game mode. This was split into two matches with each team going into the free for all against their teammates.

Ameng, Guxue, Jinmu,  Shy,  Lengsa, and Coldest

Shy took first blood right out the gate before Jinmu overtook him at 4 kills. The lead kept switching with all the players very close together in their kill count. At the end of the match, it was a runaway for Shy. The 2nd spot was Coldest with 15 kills.

Superich, Diya, Eileen, Elsa, Dai. Faraway1987

Diya was not playing around with 3 kills right off the bat when Superich, who was in second, just had 1 kill. Again during the match, there were a lot of positional changes on the scoreboard. Faraway1987, a support player, was in the lead at one point. In the end, it was much closer. Eileen and Diya were at 29 fighting for that last kill. It eventually went to Eileen for the second group as the winner.

Game #4: 1 v 1


There were three matchups when it came to the 1v1s. It was the Widow 1v1 that was the first to be played. This was a match of Guxue versus Faraway1987. Both of these players are not DPS with Faraway being a support and Guxue a tank. It seems as if the support aim for Ana really helped out as though Guxue did get 4 kills to Faraway1987’s 7.


Next up was Coldest vs Diya in an Ana 1v1. This was much closer with the score pretty much even up to the 4:4 scoreline. Diya was slept by Coldest and when woken up used a bio-nade to kill Coldest, which was one of the best moments. It was back-to-back wins from that point on that earned Coldest the win.


This Hanzo 1v1 was what ended the whole Overwatch Chinese All-Star showcase. Eileen and Shy went head to head, both were the winners of their respective heats for the Widow free for all. Though Shy ran away with the Widow free for all in his match, it was Eileen who dominated the Hanzo match-up. With the 7-3 final scoreline.

The Chinese Overwatch All-Star Match

The All-Star match gave the community many different iterations of Overwatch, which was a fun sendoff for Overwatch 1. The Chinese players who normally don’t get to play with each other as they are on all different teams get to have a fun show match among themselves. It was definitely a highlight during a time in which the Overwatch League community is experiencing a drought of content.

If you are interested in watching the event it can be found here on Bilibili.

*The author does not know Chinese and cannot comment on the commentary of graphics that were provided for the audience.

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