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Overwatch League Recap: Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty

Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty

Chengdu Hunters (1-0) vs Seoul Dynasty (1-1)

After a very promising first match, the Chengdu Hunters came into this match confident. Their opponents, the Seoul Dynasty, were determined to prove themselves as a top contender in the race for the playoffs. With only a single match under their belt, this match would show whether Chengdu could truly hold their own against Overwatch League veterans yet or if they still had work to do.

Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty
Image courtesy of Overwatch

Ilios: Seoul Dynasty 2-1

Despite initially showing a lot of potential, the Chengdu Hunters lost the first map. Menghan “ameng” Ding’s Wrecking Ball was very effective in the first round, but Seoul seemed to adapt to the Hunters’ strategy in the last two rounds.

Hollywood: Seoul Dynasty 2-1

With Zhu-Heng “Baconjack” Lo subbing in for this map, the Hunters were determined to secure a victory. Sadly, the Dynasty had other plans. Once again, the Hunters were initially successful in overwhelming Seoul’s defense. However, once Seoul adapted to the Hunters’ unusual strategy, the team fell apart and Seoul went up 2-0 at the halfway point.

Horizon Lunar Colony: Seoul Dynasty 4-3

Apparently the weird comps Chengdu decided to employ in the first two maps weren’t weird enough. Although the team’s attempt to play Torbjorn and Bastion might have shown promise at first, it quickly unraveled. Seoul managed to maneuver around the Hunter’s strange comp and force them out of position. The Hunters failed to adapt to the Dynasty’s strategy, which lost them the map and the series.

Rialto: Seoul Dynasty 3-2

At this point in the match, the Seoul Dynasty had demonstrated that they are capable of dealing with the Hunters’ Wrecking Ball. That didn’t deter Chengdu from running yet another Wrecking Ball focused team comp. Just like the last three maps, the Dynasty adapted and overcame while Chengdu struggled to coordinate. While ameng’s Wrecking Ball was very impressive at times, it was rarely in coordination with his teammates.

Chengdu Hunters vs Seoul Dynasty
image courtesy of the Chengdu Hunters


If the Chengdu Hunters learn one lesson from this match, it’s that adaptability is key to survival. The Seoul Dynasty demonstrated that they could adapt to the curveballs Chengdu tried to throw at them. The Hunters, meanwhile, showed that they aren’t quite as adaptable as they need to be. If this team doesn’t make the necessary changes to their playstyle, their upcoming match against the Florida Mayhem might not be as easy as fans originally thought.


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