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Chengdu Hunters Overwatch

Chengdu Hunters Release DPS Baconjack and Tank ATing

Chengdu Released BACONJACK Ating

Late Thursday night on October 15, fans witnessed the first roster changes from the Chengdu Hunters. The first two players to enter free agency are Zihuan “Baconjack” Lo and Shaohua “ATing” Chen. Baconjack leaves the team after two years, while ATing leaves after just a single season.

After a busy season in 2019 playing alongside Yi “JinMu” Hu, Baconjack saw a much reduced role in the Chengdu roster. Rookie Xin “Leave” Huang took the majority of the starting time away from Baconjack, leaving Baconjack on the bench hoping for a more favorable meta.

ATing saw only a few matches, as usurping time away from Ding “Ameng” Menghan seemed like an impossible task. ATing leaves a crowded Chengdu tank like, as three tanks remain on the roster. There may be more roster moves to come, as Chengdu finished second-to-last in the APAC region at 8-14.


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