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BREAKING: Toronto Defiant signs Asher and RoKy

Toronto Defiant signs Asher and RoKy

Today the Toronto Defiant announced two major additions to their roster. These new faces on the team make their entrance as the final two players that they needed to achieve the minimum eight required to enter Overwatch League Season 2.

Joo-seong “RoKy” Park, is a former X6-Gaming support player from Contenders 2018: Korea. With this team he achieved 1st place in Season 1 and 5th-8th in Season 2. He was transferred to team Seven, with which he competed in Contenders Season 3 Trials and got 7th place. He was then transferred again to O2 Team, in which he remained for a total of eight days, just before he was passed to Toronto Defiant.

Joon-seong “Asher” Choi played with the Los Angeles Gladiators in Overwatch League’s Inaugural Season as a dominant DPS. He competed and gained 3rd-4th place in the League’s Stage 3 and Stage 4 title matches, as well as playing in the Season Playoffs, in which they got 5th-6th place.

They will be joining the rest of the Toronto Defiant roster and will be waiting for Overwatch League’s Season 2 to start in February. We here at The Game Haus would like to wish them good luck next year!


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Featured Image Courtesy of Toronto Defiant.

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