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BREAKING: Overwatch League Unveils JJoNaK-Themed Zenyatta Skin

JJoNaK Zenyatta Skin

On Friday, June 21, the Overwatch League released a new Zenyatta skin dedicated to the 2018 OWL MVP, Sung-hyeon “JJoNak” Bang. This release corresponded with NYXL’s team day at the Blizzard Arena, where fans were given limited edition hats to support the boys in blue in their matchup against the London Spitfire. Here is the new skin (apologies for the low quality of the image):

JJoNaK Zenyatta Skin

Image Courtesy of the OWL Stream

[Update]: The skin was announced to be available to play on June 27th for “a limited time.” There is still no announcement as to the cost of the skin.

Community Predictions

Leading up to this, fans were challenged by the NYXL to create what they thought the skin might look like. The only hint fans really had to go off of was that the skin would include octopus in some form. Their guesses, while not exactly accurate, were definitely entertaining. Below is a couple of submissions that stood out for their creativity in capturing the former league MVP.

JJoNaK Zenyatta Skin
Image Courtesy of @domojrOW



JJoNaK Zenyatta Skin
Image Courtesy of @BadPachimari


This skin is the first of its kind to be released for a single OWL player. Everything prior has either been focused around the teams as a whole or have been creating in-studio as a part of an event or theme. This could mark the beginning of a new wave of more personalized OWL skins to help better promote the league and its player personalities. Or, perhaps it will remain something reserved for each year’s MVP.

Whatever the case, fans can be excited about more potential crossover opportunities between the OWL and Overwatch.


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Featured Image Courtesy of OWL Stream

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