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Understanding the Teasers for Overwatch’s 31st Hero, Sigma

Hero 31 Sigma

Hero 31 Teased in Recent Tweets

Just as the dust began to settle from the Role Queue news and testing on the PTR, Jeff Kaplan and the Overwatch team are at it again. The teaser had a ton of information that fans can use to draw inferences from and even guess some important lore for Overwatch. Unpacking the entire video wasn’t too hard, but took collaboration with members of The Game Haus and extremely too much time spent on Google/YouTube. Check the tweets out then we’ll get into the good stuff.

Jeff’s Shirt, Music and Lore Implications

Hero 31 Sigma
Courtesy of @PlayOverwatch Twitter

Anyone following Jeff Kaplan through the time Overwatch has been around knows that nothing he does is by accident. Everything from word choice to his attire has intent and planning behind it. Jeff was wearing a shirt for Lúcio dos Santos’ album, Synaesthesia Auditiva, which means stimulating sound. When you look more into Lúcio is a derivative of the word lux which means light. Factor the classical music playing after the black hole and you can assume hero 31 is a lover of music as well, he might even have inspired Lúcio to begin his music career. Lucio’s weapon is also called a sonic amplifier which uses sound to buffet enemies and knock them back.


The Black Hole, Equations and Hero Predictions

The black hole that sucked Jeff in spoke volumes when again, you factor in Lúcio’s name meaning light. Nothing can escape a black hole and light is no exception. The only inference I was able to draw is maybe Sigma’s abilities could silence other heroes to allow flankers to sneak around more easily or even lessen the effects of speed boost/healing aura with technology that blocks sound and light from working. We could even see adverse effects to Symmetra’s abilities when they interact. 

Hero 31 Sigma
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Several equations show on-screen in the videos final moments and the first is known as Kepler’s Third Law. Kepler’s Third Law covers escape velocity or the speed an object needs to break free of the gravitational pull of an object, in this case, Earth. Sigma is also a baryon particle used in physics. I’d expect portals and spatial manipulation. An ultimate that creates a black hole, slowing everything down except Sigma is not off the table when you consider his potential history with Lúcio.


Hero 31 Sigma
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Next up on today’s physics lessons is the Feynman Diagram. Feynman Diagrams are used for calculating what happens, in reference to time and space, within a high-energy particle collision. A basic one is when two electrons collide. One more advanced example would be the Large Hadron Collider in Cern, the largest and most powerful particle collider and also the largest machine in the world.



My prediction is that Sigma was a physicist who studies particle physics and quantum mechanics. I believe that he’s the one who stole Doctor dos Santos’ hard light technology for the Vishkar Corporation. He could create small black holes to negate damage in a given area for a short duration. He could also use them to affect the speed of gameplay. I can strongly assume however that Sigma could have ties to Symmetra and might operate as the opposite to Lúcio with similar technology to the particle cannon used by Zarya. As usual, The Game Haus keep you updated as more information comes out. 


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