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Uprising’s Top Plays From Season 2

Uprising's Top Plays

The Boston Uprising had quite the up and down year. Before the All-Star break, Boston was a team poised to make a playoff run, battling against the several other 7-7 teams. After the break however, Boston took a nose-dive in the standings and finished Stage 4 with an awful 0-7 record.

Despite the roller coaster of a season, Boston came through with some amazing highlight-reel plays.

Currently, the Uprising are holding a tournament-style bracket for the top plays this season on Twitter, with the winners determined by fan votes. With the top 4 selected and ready for the final voting, it’s important to look at how each play got to this point in the tournament.

The Final 4 of Boston Uprising’s Top Plays

The Great Flankyatta

When Boston needed him the most, Zion “Persia” Yang came through.

After a failed team fight from Boston, Persia was stuck behind enemy lines. Rather than die and regroup with his team, he decides to take and incredibly risk play. He tries to create an opportunity by picking off an unsuspecting Valiant defender, while also avoiding getting killed himself. Both spectators and casters saw this as an absolute bone-headed play from Persia.

However Persia made all the doubters turn into believers.

With one quick kill onto Kyle “KSF” Francesca, Persia created the space neded for Boston to confidently push the point and win the fight.

Heroes Never Die

A strong candidate to win the whole bracket, “Heroes Never Die” is a play that will surely be regarded as one of the most impressive clutch moments in Uprising history.

Down 0-2 to the Paris Eternal, Boston had one last push in order to keep their reverse-sweep hopes alive. With the Overtime ticking down, Jeffery “blasé” Tsang dies very early in the Boston attack. Playing Mercy, Kristian “Kellex” Keller is able to find an opening for a resurrection onto blasé to get him back into the fight. Now back from the dead, blasé got to work on the Paris defenders. 

blasé kills 3 supports and the Zarya before going down a second time. The 4 kills from blasé were enough to give Boston a man advantage and ultimately the point capture. With this one team fight, Boston were able to win not only the map but the entire match as well. 

Hammer Time

Even in one-sided matchups, Boston finds a way to create a highlight.

Down 0-3 to the Vancouver titans, blasé hopped onto the Torbjorn as Boston hoped to hold Vancouver to one point with their Bunker composition. As the fight wound down, blasé attacked a defenseless Hyeon-Woo “JJanu” Choi with relentless fervor. Instead of using is his primary weapon, blasé took out the most disrespectful tool to finish off an enemy – Torbjorn’s hammer. 

Normally used to heal his turret, Torbjorn’s hammer can be quite handy in sending a message to the opposing team. Despite their loss, blasé was the one who got the last laugh. 

Flying Colours

Another highlight from Stage 4, Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse displays why he should be in the conversation of one of the top Widowmakers in OWL.

After realizing Brady “Agilities” Girardi is spamming Boston’s spawn door with Pharah rockets, Colourhex makes a quick switch to Widowmaker in hopes to pressure out the LA defenders. With one click of the head, Colourhex provides the spark for Boston to take the first point.

Get Your Votes In!

Voting for the final 4 can be done on on the Uprising Twitter page. Make sure you get your votes in to see your favorite play in the finals!


Featured image courtesy of the Boston Uprising

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