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Uprising Searching for a Way to Shock San Francisco

As the last leg of the season draws near, the Boston Uprising find themselves in uncharted territory. The announcement of the Grand Final format revealed a new opportunity for the struggling Uprising. For the first time since season 1, Boston will find themselves in contention for the title of Grand Champion.

The journey to get there is tricky, to say the least. The Uprising are in firm control of last place in the Overwatch League, meaning they own the longest path to the final four. To give themselves the best shot, the will need to go deep into next month’s tournament. Unfortunately,¬† Boston has one of the toughest schedules heading into the Countdown cup, starting with the former champs.

San Francisco Shock (15-2)

The San Francisco Shock are easily the toughest team Boston will face this season. Even the most casual fan understands just how unbeatable the Shock are at any point of the season. While they did come up short in the Summer Showdown, that loss is more of an outlier than an expected result. Finishing in the top 4 is not enough for the San Francisco roster, and they are ready to come back stronger than ever.

Uprising Shock Preview 2020
Photo: Tyler Demogenes for Activision Blizzard Entertainment

It’s a bit disingenuous to call this a “revenge” game for Nam-joo “Striker” Kwon, as the Shock easily swept the Uprising in thier last meeting back in 2019. Although Striker did not play in that match, thanks to the GOATs meta, he will most certainly get a chance to battle against his former team this weekend. Striker carried many matches for Boston on Tracer, and so it is fitting that he may use his most effective hero against his previous organisation.

The First is Always the Toughest

The Boston Uprising will have a shot at the Grand Finals playoffs, but their journey starts with an incredibly difficult opponent. The odds are very much against them, but Boston is looking to do the unimaginable. The Uprising look to reverse sweep the 2020 season.

Uprising Shock Preview 2020
Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

Jokes aside, the Uprising need to take each game one at a time. There isn’t enough time left in the season for the team to make sweeping changes, so expect the Uprising to build on what they already have. This may include adding in rookie main tank Mike “Mikeyy” Konicki into the starting lineup for a few more maps. After a disappointing end to their Summer Showdown run, it’ll be interesting to watch how Boston bounces back.

Prediction: Shock 3 – Boston 0

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