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Top 3 Potential Main Support Signings for the Boston Uprising

After two seasons of stability at the position, the Boston Uprising are searching for a new main support for 2021. The Uprising failed to find success with the previous two main supports in 2020 after letting Kristian “Kellex” Keller go in free agency. With Sang-min “Myunb0ng” Seo back for another year, the Uprising need to be careful about his potential support duo. Another miss on an unknown player could put Boston in a position to have another rough season.

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When it comes to signing main supports, Boston has a pretty odd set of criteria. The Uprising have signed primarily western main supports to complement their Korean flex supports, as they believe a mixed support line is the best way to go. However, after a few years of mixed to lackluster results, it may be time to switch up their roster-building strategy.

3. Jun-soo “Kris” Choe

While the Uprising enjoy bringing in young talent, a little bit more experience could go a long way. Boston tried this in 2020 by signing Sang-beom “Munchkin” Byeon, but after leaving after only a few weeks into the season, they may be a bit hesitant to go after a player like Kris. Given a closer look however, Kris just may be exactly what Boston needs heading into 2021.

Potential Support Signings Uprising

Courtesy of the Florida Mayhem

By all accounts, Kris had a terrible rookie season with the Florida Mayhem. Through the first three stages of 2019, Kris and the Mayhem won just two games during the heat of the GOATs meta. Once the role-lock entered the league however, the momentum changed for Kris. After coming back for a second season, Kris looked like a new player. A player that has personally seen a complete turn around for a team, could be the catalyst for a team like Boston to improve as well.

2. Hong-gyu “Faith” Kim

The addition of new head coach Seung-hyun “Lori” Kim has opened up a wide variety of opportunities for Boston. One of those opportunities is the wide array of talents that Lori is able to bring along with him to the Uprising. Of those players he could convince to join, is the current main support for WGS Faith. As the player who garnered more playtime over fellow main support Sang-hyun “Waffle” Lee, Faith could be Boston’s low-key rookie signing this year.

Faith fits the Uprising mold pretty well, as far as scouting is concerned. He’s a talented player, who had played on a few unknown teams before joining WGS, and is most likely happy to join an OWL team without a massive contract. If Lori wants his guy, he will most certainly be pushing to grab a young talent to join their mixed roster.

1. Chan-hee “Mandu” Kim

All things considered, it’s time for Boston to make a real move. A move that would really send a meaningful message that Boston is committed to bringing in exciting talent to their roster. There wouldn’t be a more interesting move than bringing in Myunb0ng’s former support duo, Mandu. If Boston wants to signal a true culture change, they need to pick up the former NYXL support.

Potential Support Signings Uprising
Courtesy of Ben Pursell and the Overwatch League

Mandu is the type of player that could add to the already powerful play-making ability of Myunb0ng. He didn’t see too much time on-stage with New York, and many fans and analysts see that as a mistake. Given the proper amount of play time, there is no doubt that Mandu can elevate any team that he joins. In a free agency that is brimming with talent, Boston would really need to get out of their comfort zone to pick up a talent like Mandu.

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