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Boston Uprising Overwatch

The Uprising Can Turn the Corner With Win Over Vancouver

Boston Uprising

In Week 20, the Boston Uprising missed an opportunity to truly set themselves apart from the other struggling teams in the league. A win against the now 15-1 Philadelphia Fusion would certainly be a monumental feat, but Boston needed to make the match look competitive.

Bosotn Uprising

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

The Uprising were close to taking a map, however they stumbled when the pressure hit them the hardest. Still, the overall team chemistry looked to continue to improve and the team can shake off a lost from an incredible opponent. Boston’s next test comes in the form of the Vancouver Titans; and for the first time this season, Boston is favored in the matchup.

Vancouver Titans (3-7)

The new Vancouver Titans roster is one of the most interesting teams to watch since their creation. Watching this roster grow each and every week is incredibly fascinating. After losing horribly to both the Florida Mayhem and the Houston Outlaws, the Titans took the Toronto Defiant to 5 maps in the May Melee. While they couldn’t bring the rematch to Map 5 in Week 19, the following week was Vancouver’s biggest accomplishment yet.

In Week 20, the Vancouver Titans upset the Dallas Fuel in dominating fashion. A shocking 3-0 victory over a surging Dallas roster sent shockwaves around the league. The rising star DPS line of Niclas “sHockWave” Jensen and Dalton “Dalton” Bennyhoff stole the show against the Fuel. These two are without a doubt the cornerstone of which the Titans will aim to build their success.

The Momentum Game

These two teams are coming into the match with very similar mindsets. A win right before the Summer Showdown will be beneficial in not only the team’s seeding, but for the overall team confidence. If Vancouver can carry their momentum from their victory over Dallas with a win over Boston, they will have even more momentum heading into the July tournament.

Boston Uprising
Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

It is up to Boston to prove that they can distance themselves from the weaker teams. Analysts see the potential in Boston, and fans feel hope again after half of season of turmoil. With a win over Vancouver, Boston can solidify their spot as a mid-tier team that turned their season around. A win here would certainly create enough momentum and confidence for Boston to potentially sneak into the second round of the Summer Showdown.

Prediction: Boston 3 – Vancouver 1

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