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Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs Washington Justice

Boston Uprising vs Washington Justice
This match was expected to show domination from the Uprising. Boston had been taking new looks sporting multiple DPS compositions. This happened again and the Ana, Sombra and Pharah carried in the beginning, but fed in the end. Before halftime Boston was a well oiled machine dominating in the neutral, after halftime wasting ultimates and not swapping GOATS when it mattered most. Neither team really deserved a win, but Boston played worse.

Lijiang Tower: Boston Uprising win 2-0

Boston Uprising vs Washington Justice
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Control Center saw Mei from Richard “rCk” Kanerva and it paid off with a first fight win. The composition coined SNOATS in Contenders worked well as the Uprising retook with Blizzard and went into the second map.
Night Market had Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang on Doomfist and it succeeded as he instantly deleted Washington’s Lucio. The problem with Boston’s composition was that they had no point presence whereas the Justice had all of it. The point was flipped back and forth but a great dive at the end followed by an Anti-Nade by Minseok “Aimgod” Kwon won them the map.

Temple of Anubis: Boston Uprising win 2-0

Boston Uprising vs Washington Justice
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
An enemy Reinhardt meant DPS attack for the Uprising. By playing slowly and waiting for resources to go away on the Justice, Boston eventually took Point A. Point B is much closer quarters and that meant mirror GOATS. Boston started at an ultimate disadvantage and misused ultimates when they had them. The Uprising did capture the point but with only 21 seconds remaining.
With Winston and Ana on defense, a Primal Rage got an easy fight win for Boston. Sequential fights saw an ultimate advantage for the Uprising and Primal Rages every fight. To top it off Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse forced a C9 with a Graviton Surge. Boston walked away with a 2-0 lead after a full hold.

Blizzard World: Washington Justice win 2-1

Boston Uprising vs Washington Justice
Photo via Boston Uprising Twitter
It was mirror GOATS for Uprising’s attack and they ran over Washington  for an easy Point A. After Kristian “Kellex” Kellar fed a bit, streets phase started and was stopped by the Justice. Boston misused their support and tank ultimates, they were unable to finish streets phase.
The Justice captured their first point in the series with Point A. Despite stacking support ultimates again, Boston held on in the first part of streets phase for two minutes. The last fight was extended and very intense. Despite Richard “rCk” Kanerva getting a pick onto the Washington’s Zenyatta and eating the Graviton Surge, Boston still fell in the end.

Rialto: Washington Justice win 4-3

Boston Uprising vs Washington Justice
2019-02-28 / Photo: Stewart Volland for Blizzard Entertainment
Boston’s attack opened with Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth deleting Washington’s Brigitte. However that was short lived as the Uprising misused their support ultimates again, and a full hold was on the horizon. Fusions and rCk eventually pushed their team through Point A and most of B before wasting more ultimates. Both teams loved to use ultimates when they didn’t need to. It took some time but Boston pushed their way through the whole map.
The first choke on Rialto was great for the Uprising. The team learned that the Justice were always defensively bombing, which meant that they wouldn’t have the Graviton combo. Eventually blase was caught out by a defensive bomb and Point A was lost. Blase instantly redeemed himself by whipping the enemy D.Va into the river. Sansam ate possibly his first Graviton Surge and that meant a Point B loss as well. Point C was a blur but Sansam did another one of his signature defensive bombs and caught out Fusions. Extra rounds were in.
Boston held Washington at their favorite corner off the back of Aimgod’s monster damage and fast Transcendence. The last fight was a nail biter, as Fusions fed but still had time for one more fight. After every ultimate in the game was used, Colourhex was out of position and beamed down. The map was over – game five incoming.

Busan: Washington Justice win 3-2

Boston Uprising vs Washington Justice
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
It was time for the DPS carry, with Pharah, Widowmaker Sombra. After a back and forth round, Washington came out ahead, and Boston started off Busan down 1-0.
The second map was a GOATS mirror and Boston won the first two fights convincingly. Washington grossly misused Transcendence and Colourhex got a free Graviton Surge to win the fight. Eventually Washington took control but not after wasting ultimate after ultimate. Boston took the map off of pure ultimate advantage.
One more map. Boston rolled out on the DPS composition again. Colourhex single handedly won the first fight with a pick on the enemy Lucio. Fusions found the melee button and managed to pick up two kills with one melee. It looked like last fight but against all odds Washington lived through the EMP and took control. Aimgod managed to sleep Sombra mid-EMP, but Boston had the inferior composition and refused to switch and was reverse swept by Washington.


Boston did not put their best foot forward in today’s match. The Justice started playing a bit better after halftime and Boston just lost their focus. Misusing support ultimates, wasting tank ultimates, not swapping GOATS on the last map after losing control. This all added up to Washington getting a win handed to them on a silver platter.

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