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Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant

Boston Uprising [2-3] vs Toronto Defiant [3-2]

Looking to bounce back from their Shang-over, the Boston Uprising focused on their main tank Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth. With Fusions shot calling for the Uprising, focus fire had to be on point to take down the still mysterious Toronto Defiant. The key to winning this match up was shutting down Seunghyun “Ivy” Lee and their former teammate Sehyun “Neko” Park. Boston was unable to do this, as Ivy outclassed Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse in damage on every map and Neko had Minseok “Aimgod” Kwon’s number. Fusions looked like the better Reinhardt, but the people behind the shield matter just as much. Toronto took the series 3-1, only losing on Anubis after a C9.

Busan: Toronto Defiant wins 2-0

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
Courtesy of: Gamenews

On Meka Base, Boston came out on standard 3-3, then swapped to triple DPS, then back to 3-3. Boston took control after their first fight with GOATS, looking very strong by bullying the main tank. The last fight came along for the Uprising, and everything was in their favor, until Neko one shotted Note as Baby D.Va. With Boston on the back-foot, a mistake came out from Aimgod with his Transcendence, not being able to save Colourhex. Map one went to Toronto.

No shenanigans this time, the GOATS mirror match came out, where Toronto played slow and punished positioning from Boston. The Defiant looked very coordinated, combining the Earth Shatter and D.Va Bomb, but then Boston had ultimate advantage. The Uprising came back with their own combo, the Graviton and Bomb to take control for the first time this map. Colourhex again was caught out to start the fight, Boston lost all of their damage, and the fight loss followed. The Uprising had to rush back to the point, taking a lot of poke damage and falling apart in their last fight of the map. Toronto went up 1-0 in the series.

Hollywood: Toronto Defiant win 3-2

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
Courtesy of Gamepedia.

Boston started on the attack. They had to fight into a choke point, where Ivy used his right clicks as Zarya to quickly remove two members of Boston. The second fight opened up with Lucas “Note” Meissner picking up two quick kills as D.Va. The first point B fight went quickly with a well executed Graviton and Bomb combo from Note. This was a short lived victory as Toronto exploded back with their own combo to stop the cart. Boston relied on their combos and played for their D.Va bomb, Graviton, and Shatter to capture point B. Point C broke wide open and kills came out for both teams. Boston however pushed the cart near the end before being stopped by Toronto’s quick spawns. Ivy built another Graviton very quickly and stopped the momentum for Boston. They captured two points.

The defense showed Boston on the high ground, but they quickly dropped down to contest. This allowed Toronto’s D.Va to take the positioning and rain down damage to capture point A. However, Boston exploded back with a Rally and Earth shatter. This fight was short lived as Kang-Jae “Envy” Lee picked up four kills with a D.Va Bomb. Toronto executed their combos better than Boston to capture point B without a problem. Neko was able to gain more value with his Transcendence and Ivy was building his Graviton Surges faster. Minseok “Aimgod” Kwon misused his Transcendece when it mattered most, and Colourhex was doing less damage than his counterpart and not getting followup on his Graviton Surges. Toronto used their synergy to close out the map and go up 2-0 in the series.

Temple of Anubis: Boston Uprising wins 4-2

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Fusions sported a Reinhardt against Toronto’s Winston, but again Neko opened up with a pick onto Kristian “Kellex” Kellar. Kellex did return the deed by getting the pick-off onto Neko in the next fight, pushing to point B very quickly. Note opened up point B with a D.Va Bomb kill, which snowballed the fight to a very fast point B capture.

Standard defense came out for Boston, where Jeffery “Blasé” Tsang managed to muscle his way into a pick. This was a short lived victory as Toronto responded with kills onto Fusions and Kellex who was pushed off of the high ground. Point A was captured off of this. Toronto, much like Boston’s attack, snowballed point B for a similar time bank.

Extra rounds came in, and Boston was back on the attack. Neko found a pick on Aimgod in the first fight, showing dominance on the Zenyatta. Off the back of an easy first fight win, Toronto rotated ultimates and held for a couple minutes until Boston got the ultimate advantage. Envy hit another huge D.Va bomb to stop the snowball potential of the first fight. After that, Toronto corralled Boston into chokes and surrounded them. Toronto got greedy by holding up too far and was caught out by Boston, this misplay allowed Boston to capture point B with just five seconds left.

The first fight on Toronto’s attack saw Boston failing to punish the rotations in the early fight, but let the Defiant’s Reinhardt isolate himself for a fight win. Fusions and the rest of the Uprising  punished Toronto’s Reinhardt again and again. They showed no fear. At one point Fusions charged straight into the enemy and picked up two kills. Note was on point with his self destructs, using them to engage in a choke and separate the enemy. Boston looked like a new team, punishing over extensions and engaging proactively. The last fight had Toronto with the advantage, but they forgot about the point. With nobody touching point A for Toronto, Boston took the win on Anubis.

Rialto: Toronto Defiant wins 2-1

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
Courtesy of Gamepedia.

Boston opted to hold the second corner on Rialto, this proved useful as they ran over Ivy for a first fight win. Fusions single handedly won the second fight with a huge Earth Shatter. The last fights got scrappy with Toronto having more focused fire to win point A. The later fight saw Kellex and Aimgod go down to their counterparts on Toronto. Fusions was able to build his Shatters very quicky to keep Boston in the fights, and Colourhex found his flow on the Zarya as well. Boston held point B until Envy found a massive D.Va bomb at the very end. Boston stopped Toronto at point C by splitting up Toronto with Earth Shatters and D.Va bombs.

Much like Toronto, Boston was stopped at the second choke. Great ultimate rotations came out for Toronto as well as Ivy shining on the Zarya. Boston pushed out of the first choke, throwing everything they had at it, the second choke was won by Boston with a point blank D.Va bomb. The damage from Ivy was too strong for Colourhex, the last fight broke out with Fusions having to charge in to touch the cart. This left Boston out of position and without the necessary ultimates, Toronto held them at point B.


Ivy was able to get much more value than Colourhex. Whenever Colourhex wasn’t dying first, he failed to collect enough energy to make a large impact. Not only that, but Aimgod was misusing Transcendence, getting less value than his old teammate Neko. Not only that, but Neko kept Aimgod in check, killing him nine times. Boston needs to improve on the positioning of Colourhex, allowing him to dish out as much damage as possible. Fusions looked very good despite losing, but he cant micromanage Colourhex’s energy and output of damage.

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