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Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
The rivalry between Neko and Minseok “Aimgod” Kwon continued in this match. It is almost as if at halftime the whole Boston roster sat down and was told to win. Again Boston pulled off a reverse sweep after halftime and surprised everyone. The grit from the players as well as the coaching staff pushed them further to turn around a series that looked lost.

Busan: Toronto Wins 2-0

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Boston sported a quad DPS look with Richard “rCk” Kanerva flexing over to his almost signature Sombra. However, the Roadhog on the side of Toronto proved a capable counter. Duels took place all over the map, notably the Widowmaker duel between Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse and Jin “IM37” Hong. A first close map ended with Toronto gaining the win.
The long forgotten quad tank or slambulance proved terrifying when they rushed to the point. However, this allowed the mobile Toronto to surround and quickly farm the tanks for a team win. Colourhex eventually warmed up and picked up a clean triple kill on Widowmaker. Again a very close map ended with a Toronto win. This was due to Boston going back to spawn for swaps and giving up positioning and the point.

Hanamura: Toronto Wins 4-3

Boston had to bust the Bunker composition of Toronto for the first point. The Uprising eventually EMPed the shield, melted the Bastion and won the Pharah duel. This ended with Boston snowballing the late spawns from Toronto into a quick point B capture.
Boston’s defense was a mirror composition from Toronto’s defense.  Jeffery “Blasé” Tsang got to play Bastion, however, it only lasted until Toronto got an EMP and ended the Defense on point A. Toronto also snowballed point B but with a minute more than Boston.
Toronto looked to burn the clock in extra rounds. The go button from Boston was an EMP from rCk and they had to rush down to Point B with less than a minute left. This proved too short even with Colourhex picking up three kills on McCree.
Toronto played slow for their attack but Minseok “Aimgod” Kwon went down early and Point A was done and over in under a minute. Boston decided to play a bunker composition on the high ground with a Symmetra to ferry the team up. However, Toronto had too much time to build ultimates and muscled their way into a point capture and a map win.

Eichenwalde: Boston Wins 3-1

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
Jeffery “Blasé” Tsang showed off his niche pick in Roadhog and threw Toronto off of their game. Eventually, Boston switched to GOATS with rCk on the Sombra to hack and quickly delete Toronto. Boston had been practicing their teamwork with rCk and his Sombra, but this means they rely on his EMP. After being stunned out of one EMP rCk did get another one to close their attack on Eichenwalde.
Still experimenting with Baptise, Kristian “Kellex” Kellar played him in a bunker composition. Both rCk and  Jeffery “Blasé” Tsang played flankers to clean up to bait Toronto and finish off kills from the Bastion. Eventually, Toronto got their ultimates and took the point after an elaborate defense from Boston. A great point B defense from Boston ended with GOATS and a map win.

Rialto: Boston Wins 1-0

Anticipating a Bastion, Blase rolled out his defense with a Roadhog. Boston was able to read the plays from Toronto on quad DPS, so they countered ultimates and ran into whoever they wanted to eliminate. The quad tank looked strong for Boston as they held Toronto at Point A.
Boston pulled out triple DPS, but it didn’t look nearly as clean as their other compositions. Eventually, Boston started to get picks and staggered their way into a Point A capture and a map five.

Oasis: Boston Wins 2-1

Boston Uprising vs Toronto Defiant
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment
This was Colourhex’s playground for Widowmaker. He picked up a quick triple kill to win the first fight in dominant fashion. All of the DPS looked amazing on the first map with only rCk’s Sombra showing some difficulty. Map one was taken with great teamplay despite a disjointed composition.
Both teams opted for GOATS, this has always looked like Boston’s best composition. After losing first control Boston stormed in and took the point back. Colourhex had his Graviton surge eaten in what could have been the last fight for them. In a panic, rCk switched over to Sombra and built an EMP, but it was not enough. Toronto returned with their own win.
This was the deciding map. Toronto ran GOATS with a Pharah Mercy combo, Boston returned with a Sombra in rCk and Roadhog in Blase. These were scrappy fights with Boston managing to hold until 99 percent. This team showed grit, and another D.Va bomb from rCk to start the recapture. Boston took out two and bullied the rest of Toronto to get the recapture and win in their third straight reverse sweep.


They did it again. Boston looked cold and dead in the first two maps. However, after halftime, everyone on the team decided to wake up. Colourhex’s Widowmaker play looked much more consistent, Blase pulled out his niche Roadhog and they started to play like a team. Despite winning, Boston’s quad DPS composition still looked shaky at times with rCk dying early and no real direction coming out from the team. The flexibility from rCk looks beneficial to the team with his Sombra setting up a lot of engagements. Overall Boston look like the new Philadelphia Fusion, deciding to win after getting stomped on for two maps.

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