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Boston Uprising Esports Overwatch

Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs San Francisco Shock

Boston Uprising vs San Francisco Shock

San Francisco Shock 4 – Boston Uprising 0

Boston has certainly had a rough go of things in recent times. They sat at a 5 match loss streak, and are headed down the road towards a potential 0-7 stage. The San Francisco Shock have been lording over the rest of league for quite a while, but showed vulnerability after losing to the Outlaws last week. Unfortunately for the Uprising, the Shock showed that was merely a fluke and decimated the Uprising in a rough 4-0 fashion.

Starting Lineup

Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse

Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang

Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth

Richard “rCk” Kanerva

Renan “alemao” Moretto

Zion “Persia” Yang


Match Recap

Oasis (Shock 2 – Uprising 0)

Beginning on City Center, the Uprising opted into a Sombra/Doomfist composition. Both teams engaged in a back and forth brawl on point, yet the Shock won out in the end; Matthew “Super” DeLisi’s Earthshatter sealed the deal there. The remainder of the map was very one-sided, but at 99% Boston did flip the point in their favor. However, most of the team was Graved off the point, allowing an easy clean up for the Shock and only 8% given to Boston before the round closed.

Moving to Gardens, the Uprising ran the same comp as the round prior. This time, an early boop onto Fusions by Grant “Moth” Espe opened up the point yet again for the Shock to take. rCk was constantly focused down all map, and thus Boston never got control of the point before the round could end. It was a 100-0 loss for the Uprising.


Paris (Shock 3 – Uprising 2)

Boston Uprising vs San Francisco Shock

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

On their offense, the Boston Uprising ran a triple DPS composition. They stalled outside the point for a while, but a clutch blasé angle with the Pharah got him inside their holding building and behind the Shock. In under two minutes, the Boston team claimed A. They chose to once again return to Sombra Doom, yet were stalled out for nearly five minutes in the following pushes. However, a nice EMP Grav combo secured nearly two points on B, and a minute later, they took the rest with 31 seconds left.

The Uprising’s bunker defense found strong initial success, and destroyed the Shock on their first and second pushes. Yet finally, blasé’s Bastion was killed during ult, and the Shock did take A. Unlike Boston, San Francisco snowballed into B and quickly took it with 4:44 left.

On Boston’s second offense, with only a minute left, they were unable to achieve a single tick of progress. For the Shock’s five minute offense, they chose to run a quad DPS, and while Boston’s attempted hold was valiant, a big EMP from Hyobin “ChoiHyoBin” Choi two minutes in spelled out the Uprising’s defeat.


Hollywood (Shock 2 – Uprising 1)

Boston Uprising vs San Francisco Shock
Courtesy of Gamepedia.

Boston’s triple DPS combo on A quickly overwhelmed the San Fran defense, and as a result they were able to take A quickly. The Uprising continued to push through most of B, but were held by the saloon. Colourhex and blasé popped off on the DPS roles, opening up the entire area, but nothing could be converted into payload progress past B. Finally a 2k bomb from ChoiHyoBin held them off before B could be taken.

The Boston defense proved to be no match for an incredibly strong GOATS from the Shock. An early pick onto blasé opened up A, and while the Uprising regained control for a minute on B, they were unable to prevent being rolled. With very little effort, San Francisco dominated the map and took the full series.


Dorado (Shock 1 – Uprising 0)

On their Dorado offense, the Uprising were once again blocked by the Shock from making any strong progress. blasé once again took a teamfight into his own hands and dismanted the Shock, and yet his team was unable to convert the win into any meaningful payload progress. With a dramatic transcendence from Minki “Viol2t” Park leading into a stealthy Grav from Jay “sinatraa” Won, San Fran was able to prevent even a single point.

On Boston’s defense, they were rolled in a similar fashion to the map before. With the Shock once again opting into a dps composition, they pushed through all of part A of Dorado in very little time. The Boston squad found themselves unable to put up much of a stand at all, and in a flash, the series was over, 4-0.



Boston Uprising vs San Francisco Shock
Image Courtesy of @BostonUprising on Twitter

The Boston DPS line had several very clutch moments tonight, yet the other members of the team showed to be severely lacking. rCk’s reliance on Sombra was disastrous during this match, and the support line were never in cohesion with the rest of the team. The Uprising have so many talented players, but to prevent an 0-7 stage they really need to unify as a team and shore up the roster rotation that they’ve been attempting.



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