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Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs. Paris Eternal

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Paris Eternal 3 – 1 Boston Uprising

After quite the terrible control map showing, the Paris Eternal was able to take this series 3 – 1. This series was very close overall as it should be, seeing as though both teams now stand in the middle of the standing with a 7 – 9 record. Luis “Greyy” Perestrelo had a great game, often outputting greater damage than his Zarya. For a more detailed analysis of each map, read further.

Ilios (Boston Uprising 2 – 0 Paris Eternal)

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

The first map in this series was quite a bit more one-sided than many expected of this match. Boston took the first round to nil, behind the expert play of Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth and Min-seok “Aimgod” Kwon. It really felt that Fusions had a chip on his shoulder in this match. It was his first time facing his former teammate Harrison “Kruise” Pond, as well as a lot of his longtime rivals of the European region. He was slamming Shatters and leading his team more fiercely than ever before. The second round of Ilios was slightly more even. However, it was the Uprising who were eventual victors on this map, taking this round 100% to 58%. Despite Luis “Greyy” Perestrelo’s best efforts, the Eternal could not take hold of the capture point for long enough to develop a steady Ultimate economy. After this dominant map, Boston looked tough to stop.

Paris (Paris Eternal 5 – 4 Boston Uprising)

This map was much more of what pundits expected from this match. It was close and took three attack rounds for Paris to close it out. On their first attack, both teams opted for a DPS composition and were able to cruise through point one and snowball into the second point. Because of this, both teams finished the map with 3:19 in their timebank.

On the second round of attacks, it was much tougher on the second point for Boston. However, in overtime they managed to finish the map thanks to Aimgod sleeping the opposing Bastion and Nanoing Fusions to keep him alive. It was Paris however, who was able to put together the more compelling snowball push on this map. Because of this, they finished with time still left in their timebank.

Paris only needed one tick to take this map and they took it quite effortlessly. Paris is one of the Eternal’s best maps, and they really needed it here.

Eichenwalde (Paris Eternal 3 – 2 Boston Uprising)

Eichenwalde was another close map that the Eternal was able to squeak out. On defense, Karol “DANYE” Szcześniak struggled to build energy on Zarya and had his first Graviton Surge eaten. Despite this, however, his team was able to rally around each other to pick up after DANYE’s poor start to this map. After being held on point a for a long time, Boston was able to string together three consecutive fights and push quickly through the second point. After steamrolling through this phase of the map they were out of Ultimates and because of this they were halted between Point B and C.

Picture courtesy of Overwatch

Paris was able to take the first point quickly on the attack but were held for longer than a minute at their spawn doors just moments afterwards. Boston was taking a page from the San Francisco Shock’s playbook and spawn camping on Eichenwalde. They were able to shave a good amount of time off of the Eternal’s timebank. However, once Paris was able to break free from their spawn, they rolled quite quickly towards Boston’s attack marker. In the final fight of this map, both teams had crucial Ultimates. However, Paris was more aggressive and used theirs earlier. A good earthshatter, in particular, helped Paris to a win here and they go up in the series.

Watchpoint: Gibraltar (Paris Eternal 4 – 3 Boston Uprising)

The final map in this series was another very close tussle. Boston owes their first attack to Aimgod, who was able to pick off the opposing Zenyatta early on point A. Boston was then able to pounce quickly and push through towards the final section of the map. They finished the map with time left in the timebank, keeping themselves in this series. Paris was able to absolutely rip through this map themselves, they finished with an even quicker time on attack.

On their second attack, Boston was held just before the first point. It was an impressive defense by Paris, who were able to manage the high ground very well thanks to Finnbjörn “Finnsi” Jónasson and his D.Va management. However, on defense, Boston pushed Paris to the maximum. With time whittling down, both teams used all of their Ultimates. It was Danye who built a second Graviton Surge quicker than Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse, to finish off Boston and take the series with an impressive run of three straight maps.


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