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Bumbling Boston Attempt to Dethrone the Reign

The Boston Uprising started their path to the Grand Finals on a terribly rough note. A loss against the San Francisco Shock put the team on edge, as they failed to stop the role-swapping Matthew “Super” DeLisi. The following day the Uprising failed to bounce back from the previous trouncing, and crumbled under the pressure of the Los Angeles Valiant. Boston finished the weekend with a 0 – 6 map score, and zero captured objectives.

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The journey continues however for the struggling Boston Uprising, as they play the first matchup on Friday this week. Their next game is against the Atlanta Reign – a team working through their own issues as well. With the recent departure of Andrej “Babybay” Francisty, Atlanta is looking to solidify their roster as they hope to make a deep run in the Countdown Cup.

Atlanta Reign (8-7)

The Atlanta Reign have some decisions to make on a short week of practice. In the past week, Atlanta had no problem rolling over the Los Angeles Valiant 3 – 0. It was the match against the Florida Mayhem that proved to be a bit much for the Reign, as they fell 3 -1. In these games, the Reign relied on second-year veteran Joon “Erster” Jeong and rookie Tae-hoon “Edison” Kim to lead the charge in the absence of Babybay.

Overwatch League 2020 Season2020-02-29 / Photo: BEN-PURSELL For Blizzard Entertainment

The two played well, but the team may need a bit more from the DPS line if they hope to knock-out some of the top teams. The Reign’s last DPS player, Hugo “Sharp” Salhberg may be the last piece of the puzzle. Atlanta may toss out the young player against Boston, as a test to see if he can excel against a much weaker team. This could also mean the Reign may try some newer types of compositions, now knowing that the confidence of the Uprising is at an all time low.

Overcoming the Mental Boom

For a lack of a better phrase, the Uprising need to get it together. They looked utterly lost in the previous weekend, on what could have been an extremely advantageous meta for the team. The tanks failed to peel for the back line, and the DPS couldn’t make any form of space. Boston’s dives felt rushed or random at moments, leading to many failed attack attempts. The worst part – the Boston Uprising players all stormed away from the desks after the Valiant game, further cementing the idea that something isn’t quite right in the clubhouse.

Uprising Reign Preview 2020
Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

The Uprising need to focus on themselves this week. They lost their way a bit against the Valiant, and this week is an incredibly important turning point for the Boston roster.  Much like heading into the Summer Showdown, each win builds confidence and momentum. When Boston failed to beat the Vancouver Titans, they had lost any and all momentum they had coming out of the May Melee. It is do or die time for the Boston Uprising.

Prediction: Atlanta 3 – Boston 0

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