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Overwatch League: Boston Uprising vs Atlanta Reign Recap

boston uprising vs atlanta reign

For Boston, this game set the tone for how their second stage could play out. With newcomer Richard “rCk” Kanerva thrown into the mix after just a few days of practice, the Boston Uprising vs Atlanta Reign match gave Overwatch League fans everything they wanted. Both teams fought hard, and pushed each other to the limit. As predicted, this game went the distance, and the Uprising did not disappoint.

LiJang Tower Boston 1-2 Atlanta 

The game started at Night Market, with Boston taking ad vantage of the Reign fighting off of the point. Though their initial cap was quick, the Uprising were soon wiped, allowing Atlanta to gain control first. A combination from Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse and newcomer rCk earned Boston a double kill, and a chance to gain the point back for themselves. However, Andrej “babybay” Francisty and Hyun-jun “Pokpo” Park clapped back, giving Atlanta the first round.

boston uprising vs atlanta reign
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

At the Gardens, GOATs were nowhere in sight. Both teams rolled out the DPS comps, with Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang and Minseok “AimGod” “Jeff” Kwon on a Pharah and Mercy combination. Atlanta was quick to take the point, but Boston fought back around the 50% mark. AimGod especially saved the team, earning a noteworthy rez to keep Boston up. Things seemed dim when Atlanta rolled out a GOATs comp. However, rCk denied their attack with a massive EMP. Off of that, Boston won the round.

Control Center saw the return of GOATs. Atlanta took the lead, steamrolling the Uprising every time they gained footing. However, another Colourhex and rCk combination earned them the kills they needed to get the point. Atlanta wasn’t too keen on that, and despite a step off the point at 99%, fought to hold their ground. They bumped Boston away, causing them to lose the map, 1-2.

Anubis Boston 1-2 Atlanta

Boston decided that, once again, GOATs wasn’t their style. With Colourhex on Genji, the Uprising charged into the fight. Things didn’t seem to work out in their favor immediately. That’s when the secret weapon came out—Widowmaker. Colourhex earned them the picks they needed, and together, they capped the first point.

The second point, however, wasn’t the same. With GOATs back on the forefront for Boston, Atlanta took advantage with a Mei and Junkrat combination. These oppressive characters held them off, and Boston wasn’t able to earn a tick on the second point.

Atlanta returned the favor in kind when they were on attack. Quickly, the Reign seemed to steamroll over the Uprising. By constantly singling out Fusions, the first point came with ease. The second point was quick to follow, despite a good effort to stall on Boston’s side. In the end, Boston lost the map, 1-2.

Eichenwalde Boston 2-1 Atlanta

Boston chose to ignore the GOATs meta once more, allowing their DPS players to shine. With Colourhex on Widow and blasé on Pharah, the team made their first push. It was stalled, however, and they had to reset quickly. Luckily, rCk earned them some notable picks, and with AimGod pocketing Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth, the first point was won.

The second point had Atlanta holding the high ground, leaving rCk to freely scout and gain ultimate charge whenever he could. A well placed graviton from Colourhex allowed Boston to wipe the team. Additionally, rCk used EMP for their final push to obtain the second point. The third point, however, was a little harder to crack. Atlanta put up a good hold, and in the end, Boston was unable to fully complete the map.

boston uprising vs atlanta reign
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Atlanta’s attack started quickly, with them gaining the first point without hesitation. The Uprising decided that was no good, and Boston pulled out a notable stall on the second point. Colourhex in particular showed up, getting kill after kill in every engagement. Sadly, Atlanta grouped together for a wipe, earning them the second point with minimal time left.

While the Reign were close to completing the map, and the series, Boston had another idea. Together, rCk and Fusions kept them off the point. A shatter and a bomb combined pushed Atlanta away from the cart, and Boston ended up winning the map, 2-1.

Watchpoint Gibraltar Boston 4-3 Atlanta

Watchpoint saw the return of the GOATs for Boston. With them on the attack first, rCk made quick work of clearing the Reign. Another incredible bomb, combined with aggressive Winston play from Fusions, earned them the first point in no time. babybay threatened to stall them at the second point, but AimGod refused to fall. His support kept the team up, and Boston earned the second point as well.

The third point was in sight, and Boston seemed to be gaining momentum. Though the time was ticking down, it didn’t scare the Uprising off the payload. Instead, Colourhex, Fusions, and blasé worked together to get the necessary kills. AimGod finished off the last snipes, and Boston completed the map with just 30 seconds left.

When the sides were flipped, Atlanta was just a little faster to complete the map. babybay and Steven “Kodak” Rosenberger worked together to keep Boston on their toes, and the first two points came with ease. The third point showed hope for Boston, and a massive EMP from rCk wiped the Reign. babybay wasn’t ready to give up, and with a graviton of his own, Atlanta completed the map.

boston uprising vs atlanta reign
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Boston had the disadvantage, with just under a minute to complete as much of the map as they could. Atlanta tried their best to stall Boston out, chasing them back. In the background, rCk remained on the cart, back capping and earning Boston another point. Quickly, they were torn apart, and the round ended just as they approached the gates.

The Uprising’s defense started with a bang. Fusions immediately got picks, keeping the Reign at the gates of their spawn. Knocking seconds off the time bank paid off for Boston. By the time Atlanta started to gain momentum, overtime was rapidly approaching. A quick switch to Tracer from Colourhex gave them the poke damaged they needed. Combined with another huge bomb from rCk, the Uprising denied the Reign a point cap. Boston won the map, 4-3.

Busan Boston 2-0 Atlanta

Posed for the reverse sweep, the Uprising were ready to take this series all the way. At the Busan Sanctuary, DPS took center stage. Atlanta were quick to take the point first. However, Colourhex led the fight for Boston, earning two picks on Widowmaker. From there, the point was Boston’s to take.

With blasé on Tracer and rCk on Sombra, the Uprising were able to tag team on both sides of the map. Atlanta showed signs of a fight, but rCk dismissed them quickly. Another five man EMP wiped the team, and Fusions cleaned up with ease, earning Boston the first round.

At the Meka Base, Boston took charge, and the point. With blasé poking in their backlines on Tracer once more, Atlanta looked scattered and unable to cope. At 80% for the Uprising, Atlanta finally collected themselves and took control. The upper hand was in Boston’s favor, however. Pushing it to 99%, the Uprising used rCk’s EMP to crack Atlanta’s defenses. Once again, Fusions charged in for the follow up. With a single flip, Boston won the map, 2-0.


boston uprising vs atlanta reign
(Image Courtesy of the Boston Uprising)

What a debut from newcomer rCk. Two days after getting traded to the Uprising, in exchange for long time main tank player Lucas “NotE” Meissner, rCk proved just how flexible his playstyle can be. Fitting in alongside the aggressive dives that Fusions indulges in, rCk showed up in a major way.

Another reverse sweep under their belts puts Boston in fourth place overall. This incredible victory certainly sets the tone for their stage two, and the game against the Toronto Defiant could end up being closer than predicted. The Uprising, and Boston fans, certainly have a lot to be proud of after tonight.

Featured Image Courtesy of the Overwatch League.

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