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Boston Uprising Release Marve1

It looks like the “triple-tank” experiment is coming to an end. Early on Monday May 23, the Boston Uprising annouced the release of main tank player Min-seo “Marve1” Hwang. Marve1 had played in two games for the Uprising, where he helped the team win their opening match against the Vancouver Titans.

The news of Marve1’s departure comes off the heels of a surprise Uprising victory over the Washington Justice. Marve1 did not see any play time this past weekend. Boston heavily featured Leyton “Punk” Gilchrist and Chang-hee “ITSAL” Kim. Marve1 primarily played Doomfist in his few appearances this season.

In the accompanying message from Boston’s President of Gaming, Chris “Huk” Loranger, Marve1 is heading home to South Korea to focus on his health and to address personal issues. The split between the player and the org seems to be a mutual and amicable one.

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Fans and critics alike were unsure of how Marve1 would fare on a team with several other team players. In the past, Marve1 split time with his fellow tank players while on the Seoul Dynasty, but that was with the previous version of Overwatch which featured two tank players. The solo-tank aspect of Overwatch 2 meant that only one of the three Boston tank players would see play time on any given map.

While it may not look like Marve1 will find a new home this season, the time off will hopefully help him find the much needed help to allow him to come back at a later time.

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