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Boston Uprising Fighting for the June Joust First Seed

Uprising Fighting June Joust

After their impressive performance to open up the June Joust qualifiers, the Boston Uprising are back and looking to continue their winning ways. Boston are in full control of their bracket seeding thanks to a +6 map differential. If Boston win both games this weekend, they will secure the top seed in the Western side of the June Joust. Quite the dramatic turnaround from a team that struggled to beat the London Spitfire just a month ago. The Uprising now look to beat a new challenger and get revenge on a familiar foe in hopes to bring some momentum into the knockout stage.

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Paris Eternal (2-4)

Just when the Paris Eternal found their groove, a new speedbump is sure to slow them down. Just a week after their incredble win over the Washington Justice, Paris offtank ELLIVOTE announced his plan to step away from the team effective immediately. The news came as a shock to fans as the announcement occurred just days before the match against Boston. Luckily the Eternal were quick to move, and signed British Hurricane offtank Vestola to fill in on short notice.

The big question for Paris will be how well Vestola can integrate with the team with little to no practice. Then again, Boston found success with Punk hopping into the lineup almost immediately after joining. The real focus for viewers, and for the Uprising, will be on Naga. Paris’ flex DPS has looked vastly improved on Echo in the previous week. However the real bright spots on this Eternal roster are their supports Kaan and Dridro. Already the Uprising have seen what Kaan can bring to a fight when they battled in the SteelSeries invitational, but the Uprising Academy alum Dridro has been the spark the Eternal have needed in this young season.

Overall the Uprising match up very well against Paris. With the increasingly better play from Valentine and Im37, the Uprising should have even footing against the Eternal damage dealers. Boston looks once again to their tank line to perform well as Stand1 and GBS hope to continue their upward trend as well. Realistically Boston should win the tank matchup because of the new addition on the side of Paris. The team with more synergy and practice should take this game.

Prediction: Boston 3 – Paris 0

Los Angeles Gladiators (4-2)

It’s a bit early in the season for a rematch, but already these two teams look much different from their first battle. The Los Angeles Gladiators are a scary team. They had moments in May where they didn’t look quite organized, but it looks like the LA coaching staff have solved most of their issues. The Gladiators have stopped subbing out Birdring and to the surprise of no one, it’s working out well for them.

Uprising Fighting June Joust
Courtesy of the Overwatch League

On the other hand, Boston looks like they have equally solved their problems that fans saw in May. The Uprising looked confident and decisive in their previous two games. Perhaps it was the integration of GaeBullSsi that really pushed Boston over the top, but there is no doubting that the Uprising are looking to prove they can hang with the top tier teams. For Boston, that starts with the match against the Glads.

If Boston want to steal this game before the June Joust, they are going to need Faith and Myunbong firing on all cylinders. The Uprising support line can be the deciding factor as long as they continue to make highlight reel plays. The Gladiators’ support line is talented as well, making this duel even more exciting to watch. The game will hinge on an incredible anti-heal from either Myunbong or Shu.

Prediction: Boston 3 – Gladiators 2

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