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Boston Looking for Answers in Rematch Against Mayhem

After a brutal loss to the Florida mayhem, the Boston Uprising need to make quick adjustments when they face the same team once again.

The Uprising’s lightning-fast defeat was, quite frankly, embarrassing. Boston found themselves being spawn-camped several times on Nepal, and failed to capture the first point on Paris even after winning the initial team fight. After halftime, Boston appeared a little more composed and focused, but still failed to slow down the aggressive Mayhem.

What Can Boston Do?

Change Up the Compositions

The Uprising are in a situation that the Houston Outlaws found themselves earlier in the season. With nothing going right, players not on comfortable heroes, and opponents easily outplaying them, Boston needs to find their rhythm. It is clear to any viewer that Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse is not performing well on Mei. Much like former teammate Jeff “blase” Tsang, Colourhex just does not look good on their assigned character. The ultimates are late, the walls are misplaced, and the shots just are not landing. Boston need to adjust their composition to give their team the best opportunity to win.

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

Echo enters the Overwatch League hero pool this weekend, and they just may be the key for Boston’s resurgence. While Echo does fit Colourhex’s playstyle very well, the Mercy ban will most likely deter Boston from giving the new character a try. If the situation arises, Boston could potentially lean on a more aggressive composition such as Dive or Sombra-Doomfist. Regardless of composition, Boston can’t walk into this match trying to mirror the Florida Mayhem. At least not without a new strategy.

Change Up the Pace

The common theme throughout Boston’s losses this season is their slow and hyper-careful play style. The Uprising do not take advantage of the space they create whenever an opponent falls. On multiple occasions, Boston loses team fights while starting 6 on 5 due to their slow pace. This weakness was on full display against the hyper-aggressive Florida Mayhem. Time and time again, Boston found themselves in a losing position mid-rotation as Florida pushed forward into the Uprising front line.

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

The Boston Uprising need to try a more decisive, and aggressive approach during their match Sunday. Taking fights quickly will help the Uprising with multiple issues in their play. Fast fights mean less time taken from the clock and more opportunities for retaking points and positions. If their opponent isn’t expecting it, faster engagements can catch the Mayhem off guard, and place them on their heels this time around. If Boston loses those fights, they now have more time to try a different engagement, rather than slowly build up to only one or two team fights for the objective.

Rally Around Each Other

When all else fails, the Boston Uprising need to make sure they have each other’s back. Losing streaks can be devastating to a team’s morale, and becoming angry at each other for losses will eventually doom the roster. If Boston can continue to keep their motivation up and their drive intact, there is still hope for this season. While the elusive second win may be a ways away still, the Uprising can find hope again in a closer bout this time around against the Florida Mayhem.

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