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Boston Uprising eager to start playoffs


Boston Uprising are through to playoffs after completing their regular season in 3rd place. The final stage of the regular season was by far Boston’s worst stage, winning just four matches out of 10. There are a couple reasons for this. The first being that their head coach, Da-hee “Crusty” Park, left the organisation to join San Francisco Shock. The move exacerbated the second problem of the meta shifting away from Dive. A strategy Boston had spent three stages perfecting their own iteration of.

Thankfully for The Uprising, not all was lost as their four wins of the stage came in the last four matches, including a win against NYXL. It is hard to say if this was actually due to improved play as Bostons other wins were against the bottom three teams in the stage. However, they may have just figured out their place in the meta.

A new meta awaits

Stage 4 was played on a patch that was only on the live servers for two days due to difficulty keeping the tournament realm stable. This meant that the teams played with Pre-nerf Brigette and Hanzo with scatter arrow. However, The League has decided that playoffs will be played with the Brigette nerf and Hanzo rework but without the new Symmetra. The nerf to Brigette may make it easier for Striker to jump back on to Tracer, leaving more room for Mistakes to show off the depth of his hero pool.

Boston make bold claims ahead of playoffs

Despite Boston’s poor performance in stage four, the team appears to be more than ready to take on the Philadelphia Fusion in playoffs. Their first move was to change their badge to black and white for playoffs. The Uprising have previously changed their badge temporarily for Pride month and Breast-cancer awareness. They also had a few design changes, eventually landing on a block colour of blue on white or alternate white on blue.

Boston Uprising Playoffs logo
Boston Uprising Regular Season Logo
Boston Uprising Original Logo


The team has also posted their thoughts on the map selection for the first match against Philadelphia Fusion. They seem confident that they can beat Philadelphia according to the Blog post attached to the tweet.

Overall it appears Boston are more than ready to take on Fusion at the weekend. All that remains to be seen is if they can live up to their own hype.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Boston Uprising.


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