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Boston Uprising Aim for Small Wins Against Mayhem

At a less-than-ideal record of 1-8, the Boston Uprising find themselves fighting for bright-spots in each map. Small victories boost team morale and can give the players the confidence to play up to their potential. Both of Boston’s DPS players made highlight real plays that kept the map alive last week against Toronto. Those “hype” moments can only fuel a team for so long and without a follow-up play, the team stumbled to a loss. The Uprising need more of those moments if they want sustained success throughout a match.

There is no rest for the Uprising squad, as they face off against a refreshed Florida Mayhem lineup.

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

Florida Mayhem (3-4)

The Florida Mayhem enter the match Sunday against the Uprising after a stunning 3-0 victory over the Paris Eternal. Their win shocked viewers as the Eternal had proven themselves to be a serious contender after posting two 3-2 matches against the Fusion – one being a loss and the other a win. While the Eternal were missing their all-star rookie DPS Ki-hyo “XZI” Jung, the veteran DPS lineup of Terence “SoOn” Tarlier and Nicolas “NiCOgdh” Moret have been performing extremely well before this match. Ultimately, Florida’s own lineup of rookies made the difference in last week’s bout.

Boston and Florida entered this season in hopes to turn a new page after last season’s horrid performance Both looked to a stacked Contenders class in search for their franchise-saving star. While Boston reached for 02 Blast’s Sang-min “Myuonb0ng” Seo and Meta Athena’s Tee-hee “Jerry” Min, Florida grabbed a pair of Runaway players – Jun-ki “Yaki” Kim and  Nam-jin “Gangnamjin” Gang. Yaki adapted quickly to the speed of the Overwatch League, proving to be one of the league’s more consistent Mei players.

Gangnamjin, on the other hand, has yet to really prove what he can do. At the start of the season, Gangnamjin was subbed out in certain maps in favor of Florida’s seasoned flex-support Seong-joo “Byrem” Lee. The rookie support has since been a regular in the Mayhem lineup, and in the victory over Paris, Gangnamjin appears to have grown greatly since Florida’s last match up against Toronto back in Week 5.

Can Boston Bounce Back?

Last week, one of the focus points for Boston was having their rookies step up in a big way. While the impact may not have been meaningful at the end, the two new players did look better. Thomas “brussen” Brussen, in particular, looked to be a stable component to Boston’s front line.

Courtesy of the Boston Uprising

One of the keys for Boston to sneak in some maps wins this week is the same as last week – find the comfort picks that work for them. Boston’s attack on Eichenwalde was fueled by Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse’s stellar Pharah play. A few devastating Barrages propelled Boston through the first two points with three minutes left to take point C. Once Boston swapped to Mei however, the team stalled and eventually lost the map.

Thanks to hero bans this week, Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth will finally be off of his weakest hero Orisa. Reinhardt should be a welcome change for the Boston main tank, as his play style aligns nicely with the more aggressive tank. Fusions will need a strong game to bounce from the past few weeks. The Uprising are starting to look like a cohesive unit, it is now up to the team to grind out some victories.

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