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Boston and Seoul Continue to Struggle in Stage 4

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As of the end of Stage 4 Week 2, the Boston Uprising and Seoul Dynasty continue to struggle. Neither the Boston Uprising nor the Seoul Dynasty have won a game yet in Stage 4. This stage is nearly halfway done and both teams are dropping in the overall standings. Since this is the final stage before the Postseason Playoffs, every map determines who will and will not make the Playoffs.

It is a close race in the middle of the standings as seven other teams, including the Boston Uprising and Seoul Dynasty, battle it out to make the Postseason Playoffs. Only five teams will make it, since the New York Excelsior have already clinched first place. Will the Boston Uprising and Seoul Dynasty be among those postseason teams?

Overwatch League Stage 4 Standings
OWL Stage 4 Standings, End of Stage 4 Week 2

Is there Hope for Boston?

There is still good news for Boston Uprising fans. The Boston Uprising are tied for second place in the overall standings with 22 wins. However, with their recent performances, they must win out if they want to keep their Postseason Playoff hopes alive.

Other middle of the pack teams have been climbing the standings while the Boston Uprising have been falling. We know that the Boston Uprising have the drive and the talent to win, since they went undefeated during Stage 3. Currently, they need to adapt and learn the new meta quickly if they want to have a decent finish in Stage 4. If the Boston Uprising can adapt to the Brigitte meta and win games, they can secure a spot for themselves in the Postseason. The road to the Postseason Playoffs won’t be easy, as the Boston Uprising will have to earn every win.

Any Life Left in Seoul?

Perhaps the main question that everyone is asking: what is happening with the Seoul Dynasty? The Seoul Dynasty were projected to be one of the best teams entering the inaugural season of the Overwatch League. And yet, they have not shown up.

As the Seoul Dynasty mix their roster every week, fans and analysts alike have no idea who will be starting in their matches. If the Seoul Dynasty want to make the postseason, their best bet is to stick with one roster with the same people playing the same positions. If they keep mixing their roster and losing matches, they won’t qualify for the Postseason Playoffs. With their current overall record, the Seoul Dynasty will not make the playoffs. The Dynasty need to show signs of life, exemplifying why people picked them as the initial favorites to win the Overwatch League.

Overwatch League Overall Standings
Overwatch League Overall Standings, End of Stage 4 Week 2

Looking Ahead

To put it simply, only the best teams will make the Postseason Playoffs. And as weird as it sounds to say, the Boston Uprising and the Seoul Dynasty might not be a part of it. The teams that make the playoffs have shown that their talent and their adaptability to different playstyles. So far, Boston and Seoul have not shown this in Stage 4, proving why they shouldn’t make it. With only six games left for teams in Stage 4, the margin for error is quickly closing.

Will Boston and/or Seoul pull of big wins in Week 3 to help them make their case for the Postseason Playoffs? To find out, tune in to the final stage for the inaugural season of the Overwatch League.


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