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BlizzCon Online Collectible Packs Include Limited Edition Reinhardt Skin

Blizzcon Online Reinhardt Skin

One of Blizzard’s most anticipated events of the years is right around the corner, and fans couldn’t be more excited. With BlizzCon happening later this month, Blizzard recently announced that viewers will be able to watch all of the fascinating new content live and for free online. However, there are a few options for fans that want to a few extra collectibles to commemorate the event. Blizzard is offering three different options for Celebration Collection bundles, with the second tier featuring a brand new legendary skin for Reinhardt.

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“Raynhardt” is the latest legendary skin to feature a Blizzard character from outside of the Overwatch universe. Reinhardt’s newest legendary outfit is a nod to Blizzard’s famous RTS Starcraft. This marks the third year Blizzard has created a skin specifically for BllzzCon attendees and bundle buyers. Raynhardt joins Demon Hunter Sombra, Illidian Genji, and Tyrande Sombra as BlizzCon exclusive skins.

In order for fans to get their hands on the new Raynhardt skin, they will need to purchase either the Heroic or  Epic Celebration Collection pack. Each pack contains a varied assortment of goodies from each of Blizzard’s games. Overwatch fans may even look at the Epic bundle, as it includes five golden loot boxes alongside the Raynhardt skin. Although those who choose not to grab one of the collection packs could still earn the Raynhardt skin in the future. Demon Hunter Sombra was a part of the Halloween Terror event in 2019, so there is a chance that this BlizzCon exlcusive could be made available in the future.

Make sure to tune in to BlizzCon online on February 19 and 20. 

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