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BlizzCon 2019: Who Could be the New Hero?

blizzcon 2019 new hero

As the end of the year approaches, so does BlizzCon. An annual celebration of Blizzard Entertainment, and the games they’ve created, BlizzCon brings fans new content to look forward to. Last year, BlizzCon provided fans with a sneak peak at new hero, Ashe. The tradition of new characters being announced is strong, and something that many Overwatch players look forward to after the end of the Overwatch League season.

With many heroes teased in the past, and some confirmed to make an appearance, it’s a wonder who will pop up on the Overwatch roster yet. Some of the biggest heroes have been new additions—Brigitte, for example, created a new meta that was nearly dominant for a year. The recent addition of Sigma is currently turning the tides as well. This new hero, whoever they are, could significantly change the game once more. It just begs the question: who are they?

1: Mauga

First introduced as a person from Baptiste’s life, Mauga was the hero many speculated would come over the summer. When Sigma appeared, fans were confused. However, this belated appearance at BlizzCon could answer a lot of questions from the community. With a strong following within the fanbase lore wise, Mauga is already a favorite. His kit could be similar to that of the Heavy Assault enemies seen in Archives: Retribution. With large machine guns, and a bright smile on his face, Mauga could show a different side of Talon.

The only downside of Mauga’s possible late addition would be Sigma. Also a Talon tank, Sigma seemed to fill the hole that fans were asking for. Back to back enemies in the tank department is repetitive, and probably not the next course of action for Blizzard. Stranger things have happened, however. Maybe Mauga’s debut is coming sooner than fans think.

2: Echo

blizzcon 2019 new hero
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Already confirmed as an upcoming hero is Echo. Fans first met this omnic during the release of the McCree cinematic last year. She seemed to be a weapon that Ashe, leader of the Deadlock Gang, was searching for. When the attack on Route 66 went in McCree’s favor, he released her, insisting that ‘they’ needed her more than they did him. With an Overwatch emblem in her hand, Jeff Kaplan confirmed Echo would be coming sooner rather than later.

Well, it’s a year later, and Echo has yet to make her release. Could this mean that the Overwatch team was waiting a year to perfect her kit? BlizzCon is known for introducing new people that fans have never seen before. However, Echo could be the first to break the mold. Not much is known about Echo, but it has been speculated that she could be a support hero. With Baptiste being an early year edition, enough time could have passed for Echo to finally take the stage.

3: Junker Queen

The more fans learn about the world that Overwatch takes place in, the more they learn about the Junker Queen. First introduced when Junkertown was created, the Junker Queen is a character that many have speculated could join the game. With the release of Wrecking Ball, more insight was gained as to what the ruler of Junkertown does day to day. Hammond is her champion in the Mech Battles, and when she’s not keeping Junkrat and Roadhog at bay, she’s earning her winnings.

Jeff Kaplan has confirmed that the development team has “big plans” for the Junker Queen. These plans could very well include being a playable character in the game. Though people speculated that the Junker Queen could be a tank, the roster doesn’t seem to be lacking in the tank department. Perhaps a heavy handed fighter, like Doomfist or Mei, could suit the bill a little more.

4: Lynx 17

blizzcon 2019 new hero
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

A hacker who can contest the likes of Sombra herself is Lynx 17. Introduced in a comic dedicated to Zarya, and her fight at Volskaya Industries, Lynx 17 is an omnic that sees both humans and omnics on the same level. Zarya, a notorious hater of omnics and the war that ensued, ends up saving Lynx 17 from an attack. Though Lynx’s memory is hazy, they still remain active, and currently reside in Numbani.

Two omnics reside in the game now—Zenyatta and Orisa. With one as a support, and one as a tank, it might be time for an omnic damage hero to emerge. With Lynx 17 existing on the same plane as Sombra, they could be the first to break the mold. The team hasn’t said too much about Lynx 17 beyond the comic appearance they had. However, bringing back someone from Zarya’s past—a hero that doesn’t have too much lore herself—could expand that part of the Overwatch world. And, honestly, it’s about time someone stood up to Sombra’s oppressive kit.

5: Maximilien

A leader of the Talon forces, and owner of the Casino Monaco, is the omnic Maximilien. Most recently seen as the antagonist of the Storm Rising Archives event, Maximilien has been a rumored addition to the Overwatch roster for months. With a player icon in the game, plenty of lore to tie him into the game and a team ready to assemble around him, this Talon overload could bring a darker edge to the game. Matching the same energy as Sigma’s introduction could be exactly what the development team is aiming to do.

Like the Junker Queen, Maximilien could absolutely blend well as a damage hero. His personality doesn’t exactly suit a dirty fighting style, however. He’s too dignified to get into the messy combat on his own. Therefore, much like Ashe has B.O.B., Maximilien could bring his own tag team into the battle. The more people on the roster fighting for Team Talon, the better. Bad guys have more fun, anyways.

6: Sojourn

blizzcon 2019 new hero
Image courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

Sojourn is a character that’s been with Overwatch since the very beginning. Fans of the game can see Sojourn being recalled by Winston, as well as in Ana’s origin story. Recently, fans got to see her again in the Storm Rising Archives event, where she led the strike team’s attack on Talon, and Maximilien. Her reappearance has the community begging for her addition onto the roster, and with her ties to the overarching story that Overwatch is telling, it’s well overdue.

Not only would Sojourn bring a new fighter to the forefront, but she would also be the first black female character on the roster. Overwatch has succeeded in so many ways due to the diversity of the characters this team has created. However, it’s been 3 years, and a black woman has yet to make an appearance as a playable character. Sojourn, on top of being a character deeply rooted into the lore of the game, would bring that diversity to the forefront. With her recent appearance earlier in the year, her addition to the roster could be extremely likely.

As of right now, no official statements have been made by the Overwatch team. There’s a slim chance that anything will be hinted at before the actual convention. So, in order to get in on the hype, make sure you follow social media from November 1st – November 3rd. 

Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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