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Blizzard Reveals New Map Monte Carlo for Overwatch 2

Monte Carlo

Overwatch 2 has built up quite a list of new maps and new locations for players to visit. On the official Overwatch 2 preview livestream, the development team revealed one more new map for the upcoming game. Players will now head to Monte Carlo as the latest Escort map. Monte Carlo was the last map showcased during the Overwatch 2 PVP livestream event on May 20.


The latest entry into the Escort lineup is a unique map thanks to it’s massive steep section that teams need to push through. Through out the preview, the commentary highlighted how the map geometry affects the overall play from both teams. Without a secondary tank, teams need to be a bit more careful as they battle for high ground. The winding path encompasses the entire length from the end of the first leg, to the start of the third.

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Much like the other maps during the preview, Monte Carlo features a unique payload. Teams must escort an F1 racing car through the streets of Monte Carlo. A fun nod to the F1 racing that occurs in the city every year. The spawns feature plenty of racing Easter eggs for audiences to enjoy.

Monte Carlo Overwatch 2 Map
Monte Carlo Overwatch 2 Map

The map looks to bring plenty of new and interesting strategies thanks to its design. The varying high ground and tight corners will certainly punish risky dives and poorly timed Brawl engages. Players may opt to take the aerial route with Pharah and Echo compositions. Though they need to be careful, because plenty of high ground means plenty of excellent sniping opportunities.

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