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Blizzard Kicks Off Second Week Of PachiMarchi

Individuals familiar with Overwatch, are familiar with the in-game, mascot of sorts, Pachimari. The small, plump onions with tentacles are found throughout the game in claw machines and even on Junkrat’s swimsuit skin’s gun. Fans can also get their hands on the adorable figure on the Blizzard Gear Store.

What is PachiMarchi?

On March 2nd, Blizzard announced the PachiMarchi event on social media. In short, PachiMarchi is a celebration of the icon.

Fans that are familiar with NCAA basketball are aware of March Madness. It is a tournament that takes the best teams in college basketball, throws them in a bracket with ranks and pits them head to head to find the best team. The Game Haus covers college basketball and can be found here! The PachiMarchi event is this plus a little more. Blizzard has created a bracket for the Pachimari to go head to head to find the most popular of the bunch. This is the current bracket coming into this week:

At this moment, it hasn’t been clear on how the Pachimari is being selected but this event is more of a celebration than a competition.

Along with brackets, Blizzard is also providing fans on Twitter a test to “Guess That Pachimari!” It’s their version of “Who’s that Pokemon?”

Blizzard is also encouraging fans to post their own Pachmarhi artwork for the world to see.

PachiMarchi will continue throughout the month of March. Fans can jump in on the fun by following @PlayOverwatch or by searching the hashtag #PachiMarchi.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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