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Blizzard Continues Teasers Of Hero 32

Day three of a string of teasers was posted to the @PlayOverwatch Twitter.

The folder in the picture has a photo of the capsule that housed Echo in the McCree/Ashe animated short, “Reunion.” It’s also sitting on what looks like a table at the Route 66 diner.

There are two other very important features to this teaser. The cargo manifest behind the photo has the date of 3/23. If this is the date that Overwatch fans will get to try Echo on the PTR/Expermental Card, that would be this coming Monday. This would also explain the March XX date from the first teaser Blizzard released. The other piece of information all but confirms Echo as hero 32. Their name is found under the reference column. Players should expect an announcement soon regarding when this hero will be playable.

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Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

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